Online betting on cricket? No problem! Right from the start, cricket sports betting has been part of the current betting offer of recommendations. You can expect attractive cricket odds, which is why even bettors who do not follow this sport on a permanent basis like to place cricket bets on the occasion of major events.

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For your cricket bets you have important cricket competitions to choose from in the recommendations. Betting on a league abroad, on something like the Premier Division is possible. In India, this sport plays a very important role. Obviously there is no such thing as a serious league.

Introduction to Online Cricket Betting in India

Our cricket betting tips will help you find your way around – if you are not already a cricket expert. The traditional sport, which is reminiscent of baseball, can be explained in a few words: two teams play against each other, it is beaten and thrown.

Cricket Betting India

The rules seem quite complicated in their entirety, a game can theoretically take several days. Cricket is particularly popular in the Commonwealth of Nations. In addition to Great Britain, these include India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and the West Indies. And that doesn’t include all countries with a cricket tradition.

How does cricket work?

Cricket is played on an oval field, there are two players from the attacking team and eleven from the defending team (field team) on the field. The attackers have thugs, which is why they are called “batsmen”. They are at the opposite ends of the “pitch”, a narrow strip in the middle of the field.

Opposite the active batsman is the “bowler”, the thrower of the opposing team. He tries to hit the goal behind the batsman, the wicket, with a ball. It consists of three poles on which another rests. If he hits, the batsman is eliminated and replaced by the next one (wicket).

The batsman tries to hit the ball. If the batsman hits the ball but it does not go out, the teammates of the thrower either try to catch the ball out of the air, which means out for the batsman, or to bring it back to the center of the field of play as quickly as possible.

Instructions for cricket betting


To bet on cricket, you first need a betting account with a provider who also runs the sport. Our list gives you a good selection. Note: Also look at the conditions of the respective welcome bonus to make sure that you can also use it for cricket bets.

Select cricket

Since cricket is more of a marginal sport from a global perspective, you won’t find it in the main menu of most providers. Often you have to look under “Other Sports”, or at least click the “All Sports” tab to see cricket.

Select match & bet type

Now choose your competition from the list. You can either bet on the overall winner in long-term bets or place cricket bets on individual games. In addition to odds on the outcome of the game, some betting providers also have other types of bets.

Place bet

If you have found a bet type and odds and clicked on it, it will appear in the betting slip, where you can specify the stake and place the bet with a click.

What types of cricket betting are there?

On the one hand there is the international cricket betting. These draw a comparison of countries, especially in international competitions.

On the other hand, there are the T20 cricket bets

this means that the cricket action is reduced from five days to a maximum of three hours.

Among other things, there are also advance bets, live bets and various types of special bets.

Also important: the payout

You have to know that with recommendations you can have a sports betting payout at any time you want
may apply. This can usually be done by Visa and Mastercard, bank transfer or with the three e-wallets PayTM, Neteller and Skrill. In this context, note the different limits and the fact that the last two methods often result in a fee of 4%. If you actively use a bonus, you can still have a profit paid out to you. In this case, the bonus would be withdrawn according to the rule. Otherwise you have to pay attention to the given conditions.

Our conclusion on India cricket betting

We were also a little hesitant at first before we started betting on cricket. But once you have understood the basic principles of the game, which are ultimately not that difficult, and have found out a bit about the best players, you can take advantage of the good odds in this sport.

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