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In view of the increasing number of calls to us from various casinos and affiliate programs, we decided to create this page. Here we will post all the information you need to know before placing on the Before you write to us and propose a partnership, be sure to read everything that is written here. Otherwise, we just won’t understand each other.


To get started, you need to learn 3 of our basic principles:

  1. We do not add casinos for cash rewards
  2. We do not sell positions in the tops and ratings
  3. If you cheat players, then cooperation with you will be short-lived.

Conditions For Cooperation

Due to the fact that our team is small and the number of hands in it is strictly limited, you must:

  • Provide unique reviews of your casinos following our example. (As an example you can use Playamo Casino Review)
  • Place a link to our site from your projects or from an affiliate program (testimonials section).
  • You must have multiple communication options (Telegram, Skype etc.)

Definition of cooperation

  1. The actions of someone who is being helpful by doing what is wanted or asked for.
  2. Association of persons for common benefit

We want our partners to remember what a real partnership is. Let’s work honestly and openly, both towards us and towards the players.

You can contact us by visiting the contact page, and learn more about us by reading about our team.