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Online Slots

Our website gives you a lot of advantages. Unlike similar sites that offer slot machines, we try to make the terms of use easier. Here are our biggest advantages for our users:

  • You can play one after the other slot machines for free here;
  • You are not required to register on the website;
  • It is not necessary to download a casino app;
  • There is a huge selection of slot machines where you can hit a jackpot or two;
  • The content of our “Online slots section” is updated regularly.

Play Slots Without Registration

You save time here because you don’t have to register with us and can start playing right away. Choose our website and start playing right away!

On our site there is a large selection of different slot machines (slot machines). We offer both classic machines that are very user-friendly and with only a small bonus, so that you can concentrate on the essentials in the game. But of course we also have the most modern slot machines currently on the market and you can find 3D slot machines, video slots and even those with progressive jackpots!

No matter what slot machine you are looking for – we are sure you will find it here! Since we offer such a wide range of slot machines, beginners and advanced players alike can enjoy themselves here. For example, if you don’t want to play for real money here, you don’t have to do it and can look at our free versions of the games at your leisure and familiarize yourself with the slot machines. This is a real bonus for those players who are new to the field of slot machines and still want to get to grips with the rules!

Special Features of the Various Slot Machine Developers

If you want to search for more great gaming machines and more variety after enjoying the 5 slot machines mentioned above, the different slot manufacturers offer a good clue. If you stick to renowned developers when choosing the machines, you can hardly go wrong. In addition, these companies are a guarantee of fair gaming enjoyment and lucrative profits. It is irrelevant whether the developer is from Germany or not – the language can be set for most slot machines. But companies from German-speaking countries are at the forefront of this business and can therefore be found below.

Special Features of the Various Slot Machine Developers


Novoline is the line of gaming machines from Novomatic, an Austrian company that has proven itself over many years in the online gaming business. Innovative online slots with varied functions (e.g. Book of Ra) are the hallmarks of this developer.


The company Net Entertainment, which is also known under the name NetEnt, is one of the three top companies for gaming machines on the market. The Scandinavian founders got into this business back in 1996, still in the time of land-based casinos. Nevertheless, this company moves with the times and is always available for great innovations and graphics – Gonzo’s Quest is one of them.


As a top German company, Merkur should not be missing from any list of slot machine manufacturers. There are plenty of highlights in the approximately 200 slot machines produced – the 5 reel slot Wild Spirit is one of our favorites.

Online Slots Types/Categories

This multitude of different topics gives you an indication of how many hundreds and thousands of slot machines are now online. So it is necessary to classify this amount of slot machines so that it is easy and uncomplicated to see whether a slot machine is also suitable for your own needs. So slot machine games can be divided into the following 5 categories:

  • Classic slot machine games: With their simple and uncomplicated structure, these slot machines ensure easy gaming enjoyment. Thanks to their classic symbols, they bring the best online casinos atmosphere straight to the player’s home.
  • Fruit machines: As the name suggests, everything revolves around a wide variety of fruits. In addition, there are the well-known symbols of the 7er and bar. These slot machines are usually characterized by frequent, moderate payouts and a cheerful feeling.
  • Progressive slot machines: These game auto offices are made for all those who are primarily interested in the big winnings when it comes to playing online. Progressive slot machines can even win millions through the progressive jackpot!
  • Video Slots: These slot machines are the most frequently played machines these days. In most cases there are lots of paylines waiting for 5 reels. In addition, there are various functions, bonus games and special symbols, so that there is guaranteed no boredom.
  • 3D slot machines: The best graphics and usually also the best sound can definitely be found in the 3D slot machines. Great animations, which are mostly linked to special functions, provide that certain kick.

Special Functions to Achieve More Than Individual Winnings

  • Free spins: with numerous slots there are free spins or free spins. These are usually triggered by the appearance of scatter symbols. Each slot offers a different number of free spins, but 10 free spins on three scatters are popular. The free spin means that when you spin the reels, no bet is taken from your account and you can still win. During the free spins there is still the possibility of bonus rounds or features like expanding or sticky wilds. In many cases the free spin round can be triggered again or several times.
  • Bonus rounds: here there are, for example, the so-called “pick and click” functions, where you are asked to click on a symbol, under which a special price is hidden. More complicated bonus rounds let you climb stairs or play in-game games. If you can play slot machines for free without signing up, the best way to study the bonus rounds.
  • Re-Spins: This is an instant free spin when you have reached a certain requirement. It can e.g. act as wild symbols as a static symbol.
  • Drop-down function or cascading reels: the symbols disappear and new ones fall onto the reels, which increases the chances of winning.
  • Expanding Wilds: There are higher wins if the symbols expand on the whole reel or on adjacent reels or positions.
  • Risk function: after a single win this can be triggered in order to multiply it. Card risk and leader risk are popular.

What is Your Slot Player Type?

As you know, there are thousands of slot games and themes and the choice is yours. However, you should not only pay attention to whether you like the graphics or you like the symbols, whether the casino in which you are playing brings a bonus or other casino promotions, but you should also analyze what type of slot player you are actually are.

Type of slot machine

In English, there are three categories of player types, the High Rollers, Mid Rollers and Low Rollers. In German, the High Rollers would probably be referred to as rather wasteful or risk-taking players and the Low Rollers as more conservative players. So that you can get the most out of your casino bonus, you should choose the slots that suit you.

Low Rollers

If you are a low roller, you play the slots for as long as possible without making a lot of effort. You would be given classic slots, such as Fruit slots with 3 reels guess or slots with 5 reels that allow low stakes. You should also stick to machines that only offer small jackpots, because the lower the jackpot value, the easier it is to win and with a small bet. So choose slots with low volatility or variance. The smaller the coin size you can use, the longer you will be able to play.

Mid Rollers

If you are a mid roller type, you actually play because you enjoy it and also because you want to win something. But you probably realize that you will get smaller profits more often and can only take bigger ones from time to time. Your budget is clearly a little bigger than that of a low roller and you like to use a little more. You are more the type who plans everything exactly and sets clear guidelines for yourself. With vending machines with medium volatility, you get the opportunity to get a smaller profit more often, then you may not win anything for a longer period of time, but also to land a high profit every now and then.

High Rollers

If you call yourself a high roller, you’re ready to take high risks and, overall, may be the more lavish type with a high player budget. You do not mind accepting longer losing streaks, in which you do not win anything over numerous spins, not even small profits.

You know that you can be rewarded with lucrative profits for a high and continuous commitment. Slots with high and best progressive jackpots are recommended because that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Slots with progressive jackpots usually have the highest volatility, so they offer you the highest risk. At the same time, the slots are ideal for you, where you can use high coin values. Whether in an online no deposit casino or another, you will take the highest risks and spend a lot of money.

Let the Game Begin

When you press the play button, the game will begin. Music comes in, the reels spin, pay lines present themselves as you win, wilds animate in front of your eyes and scatters give you various bonuses. Life is good.

You don’t have to worry about the different symbols like wilds and scatters. You will be obvious, although each slot has a completely different theme and design. They sparkle, they are accompanied by sound effects and are mostly animated.
You can change your bet parameters between spins. Increase or decrease your bet amount, increase or decrease the number of paylines. If you are new to online slot machines, you should definitely try this – change your betting parameters during the game. It’s the best way to get a feel for the game by seeing how different combinations of coins and lines play.

That is all you really need to know to play online slots. When you’ve read this far, you’re ready.
Enjoy the excitement!

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