Hardly any area is as fast-paced as gambling. Every day there is new news and developments that move the world of players. Some of these casino messages are quickly forgotten, other messages have a major impact on the development of the entire gaming industry.

New laws, the end of an established provider or an unexpected development in the area of legalization or regulation for online gambling. All of these are things that happen quickly and at any time. This is often information that is important to players. News from the world of gambling is not only interesting, but can also affect player success. Here you will find all the important news that affect the casino world and the gaming industry in general.

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Online Casino News

We deliver the most exciting and interesting news from the casino industry in a concentrated form and specially prepared for you. That means about casino fraud as well as about new licenses up to a one-time win in a casino. Just like crucial news from Las Vegas, from Macau, about online poker, casinos and from any other area that has anything to do with gambling. Here at Casinova.org you will experience it first.

Online Casino News

Just drop in here regularly so you don’t miss anything. So you are always up to date and know exactly what is going on in the casino and gaming industry. You don’t miss anything anymore. Ideally every day, because after all the gambling world does not stop and presents exciting, interesting, funny and much more every day and hour.

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You will find information about the latest developments and the latest twists. We have stretched out our feelers and are scanning the market continuously so that we can always present our readers with the latest and most interesting casino news.

News About Big Casino Winnings and Jackpots

Reading about the big casino winnings of your fellow players is undoubtedly exciting and inspiring and could provide the necessary boost in motivation and positive thinking. Especially when you are not swimming on the wave of success. That is why we strive to bring you the news of the biggest wins in the online gambling industry as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can find all the reports here.

As soon as a big jackpot has been won and we know where and when it happened, which progressive slot and how big the win was, you will be among the first to whom we will report it. In addition, the lucky winner sometimes even comments on his great success himself, so you’ll get all the details firsthand. Who knows, maybe this will help you take a new perspective and inspire you to chase the next jackpot!

Browse through the news of big casino winnings, get inspired and find new progressive slot machines that may take you a step closer to the million. And don’t forget: stories of big casino wins prove that dreaming is not for losers – you could be the next winner! So get to the reels and good luck!

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Do you live iGaming, gambling and feel as comfortable in the online casino as in the wellness bath? Then we have something for you here that you cannot refuse: The latest news from the gaming industry!

Of course, we are also happy to gamble in our editorial office, but mostly we travel internationally to find out the most interesting news. Our experienced team of editors have over 100 years of iGaming experience, but our enthusiasm is increasing day by day!