JetX receives “The Best Crash Game of 2024” award

JetX from Smartsoft Gaming is one of the oldest crash games ever. A pioneer for many similar titles, the game was recently voted the best crasher of 2024. Those responsible were very pleased in the trade press, took a closer look at their genre classic and also used this opportunity to announce new developments.

JetX receives “The Best Crash Game of 2024” award

Crash games are a real phenomenon on the international gambling market. Gambling couldn’t be easier, but hundreds of thousands of players play such titles every day. We just reported in more detail about Spribes Aviator listed in the Best online Casinos.

Many Millennials in particular are attracted to these simple, fast and mobile-friendly games. Basically, you don’t have to do much more to earn money than make a bet and use it to get out of a round before an increasing multiplier, which ultimately determines the win, stops or crashes. This basic mechanic has been packaged into countless stories over the years. The classic is undoubtedly the soaring airplane or spaceship, which JetX also uses.

What’s particularly good is that you can influence the volatility or probability of winning yourself. So it is of course possible to choose a strategy with which you exit at a low multiplier, which the random generator reaches in almost every round. This would bring the potential to almost 100 percent. In fact, hardly any players do that. The temptation quickly becomes great and you always try to achieve a little more before the game crashes.

JetX is considered one of the forefathers of this concept, which has been launched countless times to this day. The title is already around six years old, but still has a more than decent fan base and is still ranked among the top 5 best games in this genre in (serious) comparisons. The developer Smartsoft Gaming says itself that its creation can be played in more than 70 countries and is far from being a thing of the past. JetX actually recently received the award for “Best Crash Game of 2024” at the SIGMA Africa Awards.

“JetX’s journey is not over yet”

In the trade press, Smartsoft Gaming’s Chief Executive Officer Guga Gotsadze confirmed that JetX, with its current fan base, is already one of the classic crash games, but its journey is not over yet. He sees the current award as clear evidence of the correctness of his assessment. One of the key factors is the simplicity of the title.

Crash games work according to a simple but exciting principle, which manifests itself in JetX like no other variant: Users place a bet and watch as a multiplier increases quickly, which represents the possible win. Players must cash out before the multiplier collapses and – in the case of JetX – the jet explodes. The longer they wait, the higher the reproduction. But the risk also increases that they will lose everything if they don’t get out in time.

The mechanics of crash games provide many players with significantly more excitement and fun than they initially expect from this straightforward concept. The thrill lies in the timing – those who succeed in the long term are those who find the happy medium between maximizing potential profits and avoiding the crash. This simplicity combined with the fast pace appeals to gamers who are looking for quick but also lucrative gaming fun.

Guga Gotsadze believes that with JetX, SmartSoft Gaming has created a groundbreaking title in the genre that perfectly implements the standard format of Crash games. The factors of playing games together and exchanging ideas would also be important. As one of the first crash games, JetX offered users the opportunity to bet together in rounds, chat and use statistics to maximize profits. All of these features are good standard today, but were really innovative back then.

What users think about JetX is very important to the provider. Gotsadze emphasizes:

“Since the game was developed in 2018, we have continuously assessed user satisfaction through feedback mechanisms and monitoring growth.”

This is exactly what contributed to the title’s popularity to this day: Gotsadze says that the game’s foundation was carefully calibrated to create an optimal balance between excitement and longevity. JetX allows its players to experience the thrill of winning in short bursts, while also allowing for longer and more immersive gaming sessions.

Smartsoft is confident about the future of crash games

Looking for the next big thing in crash gaming, Smartsoft Gaming clearly sees JetX as a strong inspiration. Crash games are generally easy to adapt to new challenges and evolving demographic characteristics or evolving player preferences. They can open doors to unused potential.

The Smartsoft Gaming boss says specifically:

“Looking to the future, we envision a new generation of crash games that go beyond current limitations and offer players an even more immersive and exciting experience. One path for further development is to incorporate innovative features that increase engagement and fun. Whether through advanced graphics, interactive gameplay elements or dynamic stories – we want to develop games that keep users on the edge of their seats.”


The fact that JetX received the award “The Best Crash Game of 2024” seems a bit strange. After all, the title is already a good six years old and there are quite a few other representatives of the genre that have a little more to offer. Nevertheless, the game of course sets the trend in a certain way. After all, it is a real pioneer who set the course for today’s crash game boom in 2018. You have to hand it to JetX and its provider Smartsoft Gaming.

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