Which online casinos are blacklisted?

According to Statista, online casinos worldwide are expected to generate sales of 34 billion euros in 2024. It's no wonder that such large sums of money also attract fraudsters. Players should therefore make sure that they only play in reputable online casinos with a valid license. The current casino blacklist shows which providers are best avoided.

Which online casinos are blacklisted?

There are a variety of reasons why gambling fans visit illegal online casinos. For example, many gamblers long to be able to play online slots without strict player protection measures. The desire for the most attractive average payout rate (RTP) possible is also usually great. Just in February of this year, we published an article at Casinova.org on this very topic and showed why players are active in online casinos without a license.

Which online casinos should players keep their hands off?

To find out which online casinos are legal, it is usually sufficient to take a look at the official gambling whitelist. This is maintained and constantly updated by the Joint Gambling Authority of the States (GGL). Anyone who wants to play in an online gaming hall or place sports bets online can find an overview of legal gambling providers here.

The problem: To make matters worse, fake slots are often used in illegal online casinos. In addition, players often encourage criminal activities and, in the worst case, support the mafia or other parts of organized crime. Such dubious providers also often refuse to pay out without good reason and players have to accept unclear or far too strict bonus conditions.

Not everything is “perfect” in legal online casinos…

The truth is, of course, that not everything is “perfect” in legal online casinos. There are also some counterarguments here, such as the annoying minimum playing time of five seconds, the ban on autospins or the slightly lower payout rate on average. Just two weeks ago, we wrote an article asking what is most lacking in an online casinos.

We at Casinova.org have put together a blacklist of online casinos for our community. In this casino blacklist, you will also find out directly why we do not recommend the respective provider.

Data protection is rarely an issue with dubious online casinos

Experience has shown that providers on the blacklist of online casinos place little value on data security and data protection. Sometimes players find inadequate data protection guidelines here and do not even notice that the data transmission is not encrypted. These neglects pose a significant security risk for the player and their data. For this reason, online casinos on the whitelist should definitely be used.

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There are significantly more illegal online casinos on the German online gambling market than legal online gaming halls with a German license. Interested gambling fans should therefore check the authority’s official whitelist before registering to determine whether the virtual gaming hall of their choice actually offers an offer that is approved in Germany. This is the only way to ensure that the player is not threatened with criminal prosecution and that they are in a safe and reputable gaming environment.

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