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Casinova- Terms of Use

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Disclosure of our Offer

The website tests online gambling operators and only advertises the best, safest and most reliable online casinos. However, we do not provide our own gaming offers. Every website is thoroughly examined, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. So before you play at a casino we recommend, please make sure that the offers are still valid. We do our best to update the information regularly, but if you notice an error, please let us know so that we can update our offer as soon as possible.

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Countries Where It’s Complicated

CountryLegal Age For Most GamblingExceptions
United Kingdom18Some arcade and low stakes games
New Zealand20Horse racing & Instant Kiwi – 18
Estonia1621 for casino betting
Iceland1815 for lotteries
Portugal18Some casinos are limited to 25 and over
Sweden18The minimum age for casino betting is 20
Philippines1821 for casino betting
Niger18Some casinos are limited to 21 and over
Canada19Some provinces and territories set the age at 18
US Virgin Islands18Casinos are limited to 21-year-olds and over

As mentioned elsewhere in this piece, the legal age to gamble in most countries across the planet is 18. In some countries there are different ages depending on what it is that you would like to place bets on, so here we’ll have a look at those countries in particular.

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