Gambling has been in demand in Sri Lanka for ages and, for as long as over 10 years, it has been perfectly legal. So, the list of the best online casinos in Sri Lanka that we present below is both legal and hand-picked. Only trusted and best providers for the Sri Lankans.

The Law of 2010 did not affect online casinos, which means that players in Sri Lanka are free to use foreign gambling websites. In fact, there is no blocking at all. Also, we have failed to find any reference to penalties for online gambling. At which point, all you need is to choose any casino from our list and start playing.

List of Best Online Casinos 2023 in Sri Lanka

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Despite the fact that Sri Lanka is an island state, it can boast 4 land-based casinos. But let’s take things slow since, while reading, you will learn everything concerning gambling in Sri Lanka.

Best Online Casinos 2021 in Sri Lanka

How we chose the Best Online Casinos for Sri Lanka Players

The thing to understand is that the criteria for the selection of an online casino for Sri Lanka are not unlike the ones for players from other countries. The standard set of criteria is still there, and it includes the same parameters that we used for making a list of the Best Online Casinos. There is only one difference for Sri Lanka – here, we consider mobile adaptability the most essential quality indicator. That is why the order and degree of importance of the selection criteria for Online Casinos in Sri Lanka have been modified. Here they are:

  • Mobile website quality
  • Rate of winnings payout
  • Bonuses for players from Sri Lanka
  • Availability of round-the-clock support in several languages
  • Games library
  • Availability of progressive jackpots
  • Licenses and their credibility
  • Usability and Design
  • Transparency and plainness of rules

Best Online Casino Bonuses for Players from Sri Lanka

It’s for every player residing in Sri Lanka going to register for any casino from our list. To receive the desired bonus, you must complete the entire registration procedure and make your first deposit. team can highlight 5 top bonus offers for the Sri Lankans:

Online Casino:Bonus:Wager:
22Bet Casino100% up to $20035x
LeoVegasWelcome Package $250030x
Riobet Casino100% Up to $500.25x
Bitstarz Casinoup to $100 or 1 BTC40x
PlayAmo150% up to $30040x

No Deposit Offers at the Best Online Casinos in Sri Lanka

No deposit casino bonuses are available for all Sri Lankans on our website. Having received them, you can test any of the casinos without risking real money. It’s a marketing ploy, of course, but if there is no risk, then why not give it a try, right?

So that you don’t have to choose from a huge variety of no deposit bonuses, we have selected the best 4 offers for your country:

Bitstarz Casino 20 Free Spins

Bitstarz No Deposit 20FS

Riobet Casino 150 Free Spins

Riobet No Deposit 150FS

Vavada Casino 100 Free Spins

Vavada No Deposit 100FS

Playamo Casino 25 Free Spins

Playamo No Deposit 25FS

Immediately, we want to warn all Lankans – Do not create multiple accounts in the casino to receive bonuses multiple times. If you have multi-accounts at any of the online casinos, you will not receive your winnings. A player who has more than one account per person/family/IP address is blocked and deprived of the opportunity to withdraw money.

Changes to Sri Lanka Legislation in the Gambling Area

In 2019, the Sri Lanka government announced the upcoming revision of the country’s gambling legislation. The purpose of the law changes was to increase the state’s revenues from the industry.

It is revealing that no one except for the government welcomed any of the announced innovations.  The announcement that those visiting gambling establishments were to pay an entry fee provoked the loudest outcry. Public outrage prompted the government to revise the planned changes.

Sri Lankan Finance Minister Mangala Samaravira declared that, from the moment, players had to pay  $ 50 to visit gambling establishments. Also, he added that lots of countries were successfully implementing such practices. Only local residents have to pay the fee; this rule does not apply to tourists.

Land-based Casinos in Sri Lanka

Currently, the casino in Sri Lanka is valid, but only foreigners can visit it for free, so most players here are Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis, Iranians, Australians, and Europeans. The local population prefers various lotteries. Most establishments are concentrated in the prestigious Colombo area surrounded by parks, beaches, and malls. In Sri Lanka, you can play such games as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, rummy, flash, and various types of poker. Many casinos in the country have special schools that train newcomers. There are also bars and restaurants, and each establishment has its own club system. Below, you can learn the details of the five most popular land-based casinos in Sri Lanka.

1. Bellagio Entertainment Sri Lanka

Bellagio Casino has over 30 tables to play, including the latest roulette types that operate via touch panels. Hotel and restaurant are available for all visitors. In addition to Slots, here, you can find a complete set of table games.

Bellagio Colombo Casino

There are 3 types of packages at Bellagio Entertainment Sri Lanka: Platinum, Gold, and Silver, they provide clients with various options and services (from meals to accommodation). It often hosts poker tournaments and mini flash games.

Address430 R A De Mel Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Phone/email+94 112 575 271/
Working hours24/7

2. Stardust Casino Colombo

Even more gambling tables await you at Stardust Casino Colombo, namely 40. The same full range of table games, including Baccarat, Poker, and many others. Also, in this casino, you get access to games wildly popular among Sri Lankans and players from India – Rummy and Casino War.

Stardust Casino Colombo

It is an independent casino outside the Dhammika Perera network. This establishment is trying hard to keep its high status, therefore it attracts clients in various ways. For example, money draws are held here twice a month. Another feature of this casino is a bright-colored outdoor sign and advertising.

Address9 15th Lane, Galle Road, Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Phone/email+94 11 2573493/
Working hours7 pm to 10 am

3. Bally’s Casino Colombo

Ballys Colombo does not have slot machines, but players who prefer table games will find a wide variety of them here, including fast roulette and sports betting that they can run through personal monitors. Also, several table poker games are available to play against the casino, such as Asian poker, for instance. There are 3 computer desks that allow you to access the Internet and a special monitor that broadcasts CCTV videos. There, one can view points at issue, if any.

Bally's Casino Colombo
Address34 D R Wijayawardena Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Phone/email+94 112 332211/
Working hours24/7

4. The Ritz Club Sri Lanka

The Ritz Club is a pretty small casino that only can offer players several gambling tables. It shows little diversity of games, but due to its particular atmosphere and easy access, it remains very popular among Sri – Lankans and tourists.

 The Ritz Club Casino Sri Lanka
Address5 Galle Face Terrace, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Phone/email+94 11 2341496/ No email
Working hours24/7
Official websiteNo Website

5. Casino Marina Colombo

It’s the most in-demand and most-visited casino in Ceylon. Players are in for a treat here. About 100 gambling tables, more than 70 slot machines, and almost all known types of poker. At Casino Marina Colombo, everything is thought out to the last detail, including the restaurant and hotel.

Casino Marina Colombo

The casino is housed in a 4-storey building, where each room is dedicated to different categories of players, from ordinary people to VIPs. You can come here to enjoy the atmosphere of gambling, though, if such a case, in addition to the entrance fee, you will have to pay for food and drinks. Those who come to the local Las Vegas only to play don’t need to pay for the meals.

By the way, every second tourist who has ever been to Sri Lanka has visited this place at least once.

Address30, Marine Drive, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Phone/email+94 114 219 988/
Working hours24/7

Information on Sri Lanka that may be of interest to you

The basic currency of Sri Lanka is the rupee. You should be very careful and discreet when dealing with it since the export of the national currency outside the territory of the state is strictly prohibited. One rupee can be divided into 100 cents. As for the course worth focusing on, then one American dollar can be exchanged for 200 Lankan rupees. Internationally, this currency is referred to as LKR.

Ethnic Groups

In terms of ethnic structure, Sri Lanka is a multinational country. The total population is 18.5 million people: 74% Sinhalese, 18% Tamils, 7.5% Muslims and Burghers, 0.5% are of other nationalities.


Major religions are Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam. Most residents (69%) profess Buddhism (mainly Sinhalese). Most of the Tamil population is Hindus (15.4%). The Muslim religion is adhered to by 7.5% of the inhabitants – Malays and Moors. Christians on the island are 7.6%, they are Burghers and part of the Tamil and Sinhalese people. Other religions – 0.2%.


The official languages ​​of Sri Lanka are English, Sinhalese, and Tamil. Sinhalese is the language of the Sinhalese people, the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka. Tamil is the southernmost of the Dravidian languages. It is the language that the population of the northern and eastern parts of the island speaks.


Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean located 800 km north of the equator. The total area of ​​the island is 65,610 sq. km, the length from north to south is 445 km and, from west to east, it is 225 km. The major part of the island is a plain, which height rarely exceeds 100 m above sea level. In the center of Sri Lanka, there is the Central Highlands. The average height of the mountains ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 meters above sea level, but some peaks are much higher. Numerous rivers flow down from the mountains.

The largest river is Mahaweli Ganga, 335 km. Several rivers of the island are navigable. The highest point of the island, the Pidurutalagala Mountain, is 2,524 m high, then follows the Kirigalpotta Mountain with height of 2,395 m. However, the most famous is the magnificent Adam’s Peak (the Sri Pada Mountain), which is 2,243 m high.

Interesting Facts

Sri Lanka is a wonderful South Asian country. It is among the best safari destinations outside Africa. Here, a huge number of wild animals live in 26 national parks. Tourists can enjoy green rainforests, hills surrounded with mist among generous tea gardens, and kilometers of beaches perfect for relaxing. But, here, we would like to tell you 7 interesting facts about this country:

  1. Translated from Sanskrit, Sri Lanka (श्री लङ्का) means “glorious, blessed land”
  2. In the years since the Portuguese invasion until 1972, the country was called Ceylon in European languages
  3. The earliest inhabitants of the island, the Veddas’ ancestors, belonged to the Australo-Veddoid race.
  4. In 1972, the country was renamed Sri Lanka and ceased to be a dominion but remained a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.
  5. The island produces about 10% of tea world output, which is more than 305 thousand tons per year (3rd place after India and China).
  6. On February 26, 1986, the Star Lotus was officially recognized as the national flower of Sri Lanka.
  7. In 2021, the world’s largest star sapphire was mined in Sri Lanka. Its weight is 510 kg. Its estimated value is over $ 200 million.



Every Lankan visitor of this page can be sure that he has made the right choice of casino to play. Our team has selected only the top online casinos in Sri Lanka. We took into account every little detail while making a list at the top of the page. Considering that almost all Ceylon residents use the Internet exclusively from mobile devices, we have included Mobile Casinos in this list. can confidently say that by choosing one of the Best Online Casinos in Sri Lanka from our list, you will not be disappointed.  

It is noteworthy that you should be utmost scrupulous about playing and not follow the lead of greed. Play only with the money you can afford. Gambling addiction can force you to lose both money and selfhood!

“The biggest mistake in human life is to lose selfhood.” 

(c) Buddha

අපි ඔබට සුභ පතනවා!

Best Online Casinos in Sri Lanka FAQ

How to choose the best online casinos in Sri Lanka?

You probably have not fully read the page on which you are now! It was created especially for you and to answer this question. We have already made everything for you, and, at the top of the page, you can see the list of the best online casinos for Sri Lanka you need.

At what age can one start playing in casinos in Sri Lanka?

At the age of 18. And this applies to both online and land-based casinos. People under the age of 18 won’t get the money they’ve won since they won’t succeed to get verified. In the case of land-based casinos, they just won’t let you in.

What do you need to verify identity (get verified) in an online casino?

You will need an internal passport of Sri Lanka citizen and, in some cases also another ID. If you play in a Maltese-licensed casino, they may also ask you to confirm your address.

Do casinos offer no deposit bonuses for Sri Lankan players?

Yes! No deposit casino bonuses are provided to Sri Lankans in full. All online casinos with no deposit bonus featured on are suitable for players from Sri Lanka.

Do I have to pay tax on online casino winnings in Sri Lanka?

Here, it’s all up to your conscience. Since online gambling is not regulated in your country, you have the right to decide whether you should pay taxes on your winnings or not. But remember, any state can take an interest in its citizens’ income sources.

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