Is gambling allowed in India?

Is gambling allowed in India?

When we are in India, we want to live in accordance with the local laws and of course also according to the higher, spiritual laws. We can talk about the latter with Sri Balasai Baba, he guides us and shows us the way.

Why is it important for us to know that this question is answered?

The background to our question is that one day we will probably receive our pension in India, but we never know what is coming. We trust in God, the universe and the Sri Balasai Baba, but it is always good to have a plan B. We don’t need a lot of money ourselves, material things don’t make us happy. But what makes us happy is being able to help. There is a lot of poverty in India. We have already seen a lot on our travels, for example orphanages or children who seem to live alone on the street. We would like to earn additional money to donate the profits.

Play at an online casino, is that possible?

Our son is an avid sports bettor and makes a really good income with it. Sportsbooks, why not, we said to ourselves. You can also do that online, you take your cell phone, download the appropriate apps and you’re ready to go. From a PC, tablet or laptop, of course, it is theoretically possible, but technically it is feasible.

But there is one problem: We would like to bet with a provider who has a license in the EU, because under these conditions we know that it is a safe bet and fraud is impossible.

But we can’t know whether these betting providers have set up a country block and accept customers from India. We could of course use a VPN, our son said. But the fact is: until recently, gambling was illegal in India. We would not like to risk having to breathe sifted air there and will specifically inquire when the time comes. By the way, best suited for india is Rupee Casinos.

India is rethinking and relaxing the laws on gambling

The Indians are very fond of gambling, which is reflected in the fact that there are some illegal gambling halls there. However, gambling is now being legalized step by step. We think it’s a good thing. The legal situation is not yet the same in all states, which is why there is lively gambling tourism within India. If you want to play legally, you travel to Visakhapatnam, for example, because it is a special administrative area with its own rules that belongs to Andhra Pradesh. Others travel to Sikkim, because casino games are also allowed in this state.

The best known is certainly Goa in the south, where 14 legal casinos wait and are considered a real tourist magnet. The Royal Boat Casino on the Mandowi River is legendary. This is multi-story and a real showpiece. Nothing for “in between” and a tight budget, but something for rich people. For once we would like to treat ourselves to that and also eat at the associated gourmet restaurant, but in our case it is certainly nothing to regularly win money.

With full legalization, gambling will become safer and more flexible

If the other states follow suit, most Indians are guaranteed to prefer to gamble or wager online. We would appreciate it because we believe that online sports betting is a better way to make money. Best Online Casinos is great fun, no question about it, but betting is an even better way of influencing how much we win. Just through the sports betting bonus or casino bonus (No Deposit Bonuses included), the existing providers will face great competition and possibly improve their conditions. We are happy about the development, because everyone should have the freedom to gamble online or offline.

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