Playing at the arcade is now as easy as logging into your computer with arcade casino games for adults. Choose from a wide-selection of noteworthy games, not only for fun, but to win. New arcade games are coming to market every day and we are in the business of bringing them direct and live, straight to you.

Packman and Asteroids may have been favorite childhood arcade games, but find new arcade games with old themes. Play in chance games like a coin flipping game, the ole’ rock, paper, scissors hand-game, and even darts. Pastimes for adults who still like to play but are now ashamed to show their middle-aged faces back in the arcade without a child.

When you think of Arcade Games you may be thinking, Penny Arcades, but now casino players don’t have to go to the arcade, they can play Arcade games online at home or on the go. And not just that, these types of Arcade games can be played for real money.

Play in flash version just for the heck of it or to get familiarized with a game before you decide to play it for real money. Arcade casino games come in all shapes and sizes and feature both classic arcade games along with new and inventive arcade games. Rubik’s Riches arcade game features the well-loved Rubik’s cube; play Cogmania, a game that looks like a game you’d find at the carnival; even throw virtual skeeballs down skeeball lanes in Super SkeeBall.

A fan of the popularized Asteroid’s game, play Max Damage, but instead of asteroids this time shoot down alien ships in Max Damage arcade game. 

Hockey PotShot offers a virtual hockey table; even bowl in an arcade game called Bonus Bowling. Online arcade games get even more inventive with games that you never really played in the arcade but at home when you were a child with Rock, Paper Scissors and Heads or Tails. Play in Jackpot Darts as well, hit the bull’s eye and win instant casino cash.

Arcade Casino Games

The Sights and Sounds of Las Vegas in Your Living Room

Arcade Casino Games bring the lights and sounds of the Las Vegas strip straight to your home. Our simple to play yet hugely rewarding Arcade Games give you the chance to win a huge amount of cash. There are loads of different types of games to enjoy from scratch cards to darts and plenty of opportunities to walk away with some massive winnings.

From the Simple to the Sublime All with Winning Opportunities

Arcade Games give you the chance to enjoy simple games but with vast amounts of money to be won.

  • Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Vegas in Wheel of Lights
  • Play sports themed games such as horse racing, football, darts and more
  • Enjoy the buzz of a bingo game and hit the jackpot
  • Return to childhood favorites such as Rock, Paper, Scissors but with higher stakes       

Whatever type of arcade game you enjoy.

How to Play Arcade Casino Games

How to play Arcade Games all depends on the type of game you are choosing to play. When playing a comical game such as Costume Party, for example, players are best to begin reading through the ‘paytable’ to find out exactly what makes up wins. In Costume Party arcade game for example, players make wins by dressing up 4 different characters correctly.

Dress the chicken correctly and depending on the wagers made (between 1 and 3 coins) players will win between 10 to 30 coins. The nurse stands at a higher value from 15 to 45, the cowboy from 25 to 75, and the Wonder Woman hero at 30 to 120. Have additional questions about any particular game? Talk to someone in Live Chat to find out more.


The rules for arcade games vary depending on which type of game you prefer. Casino arcade games, as well as other types of casino games, always have a question mark where players can read about each particular game and learn what the payouts are and the rules of the game.

The two main points players need to keep in mind when playing arcade games in regards to rules is setting a limit and sticking to it. Secondly, learning paytables to understand completely what makes a win and how to look for it to add to the thrill of each particular game.

Arcade Casino Games Strategy

Be sure to set a money limit when playing arcade games online as many of them can be quite addictive. The random number generator or RNG is the mechanism that determines who wins and who loses. Because this is the case, most arcade games are really games of chance.

Some games, however, like Max Damage, allows players to manipulate a small rocket to shoot at alien ships. Depending on how quick you are, games like these offer players a bit more leeway into determining the types of prizes that they can win.


Each arcade game has it’s own terminology depending on the type of game it is. Most games have a ‘paytable’ the grid that shows a player what the winning symbols are and how they make up winning combinations. Players need to set ‘coin values’ for each time they play and vocabulary for each game is set.

For example, the arcade game, Medusa’s Gaze (which looks much more like a video game than something you’d find at the summer fair) includes a ‘paytable’ as mentioned before, a ‘stake’ option where players can raise there stakes from as little as a penny to as much as $500 per play. This game happens to include ‘multipliers’ which increases wins by that particular multiplier.

Medusa’s Gaze has layers of blocks that revolve around her in a spinning wheel and a dial multiplies wins according to matching blocks that make up wins. Players can also play in ‘auto mode’ that means that they do not need to click a button for every game but can play continuously up to a set number of plays that players pick themselves.

Variations of Arcade Games

Again, as stated before, the variations of arcade games are many. Players can browse games by themes or by pages. Pages will suggest other similar games you may enjoy. For those who enjoy sports there are hockey arcade games, soccer, darts, and more.

Freaky Thimbles is an interesting arcade game with a Native American theme where matching symbols are hidden under teepee-looking thimbles. Players can put out smoke signals with up to 2,000 coins and colored diamonds are worth 3x, 5x, 25x and 100x your stake bet. In our catalogue of arcade games some games are only playable in real cash mode, Freaky Thimbles is one of those games.

Other games, for instant that are offered in fun mode (as well as in real mode) include: Costume Party, Monte Cristo, Medusa’s Gaze and many others. Peruse our catalogue of arcade games – they are some of the most inventive and enjoyable online casino games to play.

History of Arcade Casino Games

Technically, an arcade game is a coin-operated entertainment machine, while arcade games online don’t have a slot where you can drop coins or tokens, these games are not only games that you put money into but are games that you can also take money out of.

There is a fine-line between an arcade game and a video game today. Many online casinos offer both slots and other types of casino games with 3D graphics that may in fact have you scratching your head as to what really the difference is.

Arcade games became popular in amusement parks before they became available for play online. Amusement park games included shooting galleries and ball toss games among others.

Space Invaders in 1978 became the first blockbuster arcade video game and today a similar game can be played online called Max Damage. Max Damage is available in our online catalogue for play in both fun and real casino mode.