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All about Visa Casinos: deposit and withdrawal, pros and cons experienced. We also show you how secure Visa online Casinos can be if you follow one of our recommendations. Find the right Visa Casino with our guide on the most important features of Visa.

Visa Casinos-which Online Casinos accept this payment method?

It is mostly-but not always! – linked to the regular bank account held with your credit institution.

With a Visa credit card you basically take up a credit, which you pay within 30 days by invoice. With a Visa credit card you can pay worldwide. In the Online Casino, payment with a Visa card is almost always available as a payment option.

Visa Application

For a Visa credit card you have to apply at his Bank or at another credit institution for a credit card. For this purpose, you must be of legal age, have a residence in Germany (or a residence in the country of the credit institution to be applied for) and have a credit check. The credit assessment is different from one institution to another. If you don’t get a credit card at Sparkasse, for example, you can try it at other providers and banks. For Schufa entries or other credit charges, applications may be rejected. In this case you can also get a Prepaid Visa card. With these cards, however, you can not pay anywhere.

The usage fees of the Visa credit card are dependent on the issuing credit card institution, but amount between 5 and 30 euros per month. Depending on the additional service – such as travel insurance, Etc. – can increase the fee.

In the past, the Visa credit card was the preferred and most widely used payment option in Online Casinos. However, their popularity has declined with the emergence of so-called e-Wallets, because they offer more anonymity.


A deposit into the Online Casino is very easy with a Visa credit card. On the website of the online casino you choose “credit card” as the payment option. In addition, you choose Visa as the credit card you want to use. You must specify the Visa number, your name (as it appears on the card), the expiry date of the card and the three digit CVC security code (on the back of the card is pressed).

Once you have determined the amount you want to deposit, you should check your data again and confirm the transaction. As with all credit card payments, the money is immediately available on the online Casino account and ready to use.

The fees for depositing with a Visa vary from Casino to Casino. If the deposit is not free, then you can expect a fee between 2% and 3% for each deposit you make. In some Casinos, fees will be forfeited as soon as a certain deposit amount has been made.


The Online Casino real money withdrawals of winnings with a Visa credit card works just like the deposit. The player must provide his / her credit card number, credit card name, expiry date and CVC Security number. However, not every Casino allows a withdrawal to be made to a credit card, and if, then the prerequisite for this is a successful deposit with the same card, in any case mostly. Therefore, we recommend every player to look at the terms and conditions of the site again.

Fees for credit card usage are usually only incurred when a certain monthly amount of withdrawals is exceeded. When you deposit money to your player account, you can assume that it is available in real time. However, this usually looks different when paying out. If you want to withdraw your winnings from the Casino, you can assume that it takes 3 to 5 working days for the money to arrive on the credit card (while the player’s account is directly updated at the Online Casino).

Most online Casinos also ask their players for identification documents, which can slow the process. For this you have to scan your ID card or driver’s license to confirm that you are really the credit card holder.

Minimum Deposit
The Minimum and Maximum amount of a Visa credit card deposit depends on the Online Casino. Most Online Casinos set their Minimum at € 10, and the Maximum at € 5000.


Independent research by RBR has found that Visa Europe provides better customer service than its competitor MasterCard when it comes to card problems. So if you prioritize the service with the payment methods, then Visa is the right choice. Provided, of course, that you choose Debit or credit cards.

The Visa website has a good System to guide you on general questions. However, we recommend that you contact your own Bank directly if there are problems. Because the terms of use of the Visa Card are usually dictated not by visas themselves, but by the credit institution, it makes much more sense to apply to this.


The Visa credit card is mainly used in Europe, but also worldwide. The company’s main offices are in the UK. However, the payment giant also in other offices in Europe, such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, France and more. The Visa card is readily accepted in most shops in Europe, Asia and the USA as well as Australia and South America.

Visa online casinos

Advantages of Visa

  • With the Visa credit card you can make very fast deposits. The whole transaction process does not take longer than a few minutes.
  • For many players it is an advantage that they do not yet have to de facto own the money to borrow it from visas.
  • Visa is a worldwide payment method that you can trust. She’s very safe. The company offers, among other things, theft protection and fraud compensation, should the data get in the wrong hands.
  • Foreign currencies are automatically converted at the current rate of the transaction.
  • There is a worldwide replacement card service if the card is lost.
  • The output limit is very large. It is not infinite, but provides a very generous credit framework within one’s own financial possibilities.

Disadvantages of Visa

  • Not everyone can apply for a Visa credit card. For this purpose, the applicant must pass the credit check.
  • Although the security and damages are granted by the bank, credit card information can be stolen or misused mainly online quickly. Many people feel uncomfortable using their credit card online.
  • Players can easily lose track of how much they spend. Especially those players who have an addiction problem should not borrow money to use it in the Online Casino. That’s why a credit card requires a minimum of self-discipline.
  • Not every Bank allows a credit card payment in the Online Casino by Visa. In addition, some Online Casinos allow the Deposit but not the withdrawal via Visa. If you allow it, it usually takes extra time.
  • Many Casinos charge a fee on the use of Visa credit cards for Deposit and withdrawal.