London Casino: Players riot and security looks on

London Casino: Players riot and security looks on

An apparently unlucky guest has rioted in a London casino and destroyed the interior. Within a short time, the man severely damaged several slot machines with a fire extinguisher. The act happened in front of a security employee. A video of the casino guest’s freaking out is now circulating on the Internet.

When a guest in a casino in London puts money into a slot machine and loses, all he sees is black. He grabs a fire extinguisher and uses it to destroy several slot machines. Before that, the casino guest hit the machine with his fists. A rushing security employee obviously wants to calm the rioters down, but doesn’t dare to intervene. After all, the aggressive player was “armed” with a massive fire extinguisher. At least no one was injured during the action due to the defensive behavior of the security guard. As early as February last year, we reported that the death of a player had serious consequences for a London casino.

In the end, a chair even flies through the gaming room

A video from the London casino circulating on the Internet shows how the man uninhibitedly hit several slot machines first with his fists and then with the fire extinguisher, causing considerable damage. Eventually, even a chair flies in the direction of the security guard. However, the employee was able to dodge at the last moment, so fortunately he was not injured.

So far it is unclear whether the casino reported the aggressive guest afterwards and why the man suddenly freaked out. The complete video can be accessed online at According to the casino’s surveillance camera, the incident happened around 5 a.m. in the early hours of late October.

Casino robbers lose loot on highway

Another video, which is circulating on YouTube, among others, shows a failed robbery of a casino in Chile. After the robbery, the perpetrators fled by car in the capital, Santiago, but were pursued by the police. As part of the chase, the stolen loot was then thrown at the police by the perpetrators on the motorway. The result: the bag with the money opens and a number of banknotes are spread all over the Autobahn. Of course, the police immediately began to collect the loot. Nevertheless, several passers-by managed to enrich themselves with the money lying around. According to local media, the loot is said to have amounted to around ten million pesos. However, that’s the equivalent of just under 11,000 euros. The robbery was not worth it: a short time later, the police reported a total of six arrests.


While a guest in the London casino smashes several slot machines with a fire extinguisher, a security employee stands by in astonishment. The case shows that emotions when playing can sometimes turn negative and result in aggressive behavior. Unfortunately, it is not known whether the player was reported for his actions and has to compensate for the damage caused.

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