What does an auditor do in a casino?

Financial supervision in casinos is carried out by the tax offices. They send so-called auditors who are always on site when games are being played in the casino and whose task is to monitor gaming operations, check that winnings are paid out correctly, record all sales and thus ensure that the tax office does not miss any taxes. Auditors therefore make a significant contribution to ensuring that the games are played fairly and that no fraud occurs.

What does an auditor do in a casino?

An auditor is primarily responsible for ensuring compliance with legal requirements and the correct taxation of income in the casino. When there is activity in the big game area, auditors are present at every table, who check, for example, whether the croupier places the players’ bets correctly and whether the dealer pays out winnings in baccarat to the correct participants and in the exact amount.

Auditor in the casino: What tasks does this job include?

From exchanging money to paying the winnings, every step is meticulously monitored to avoid irregularities and protect the integrity of the game participants. While the auditors continuously observe all processes at the gaming table, they appear at the machines when emptying the cash boxes. These cash boxes can only be opened with a system of two keys, one of which is carried by the ATM technician and the other by the auditor. This ensures that no one can withdraw money alone and use it unsupervised.

Auditors are always on site during the casino’s opening hours. Before and after, the provision of the chips and the recording of income are also monitored by auditors.

The following list clearly summarizes the five main tasks of auditors:

  • Monitoring the correct condition of the playground equipment and game processes
  • Control of financial transactions
  • Accurate determination of gaming revenue
  • Review of electronic records and their evaluation
  • Making decisions in disputes

What professional requirement profile does an auditor have to have?

Auditors working in casinos must meet an extensive requirement profile, which includes specialist knowledge from various areas. When it comes to the daily cash flows in the casino and the associated challenges, a comprehensive understanding of accounting and financial processes is essential. Auditors also need quick comprehension and must be able to work with concentration and think analytically, even under stress and at night.

Of course, auditors must know exactly about the rules and procedures in the casino. Although they do not run the games themselves, they have the responsible task of ensuring that croupiers and dealers work correctly and taking immediate action in the event of misconduct. Accordingly, the job requires you to be absolutely knowledgeable about the rules and to be able to confidently assess whether a game may be rigged. A great affinity for numbers and the ability to handle them confidently is essential for the auditor’s job. Above-average communication skills and the ability to make quick decisions are also required.

How high are the taxes in the casino?

Casinos pay taxes at a level that is far higher than the average for ordinary companies. They pay the so-called casino tax, the exact amount of which depends on the laws of the relevant federal state and ultimately results from the difference between the stakes placed by the players and the winnings paid out. Up to 80% of the winnings generated by a casino are paid to the responsible tax office.

In addition, in some federal states there are special taxes such as Tronc taxes and concession fees. With tax payments amounting to several hundred million euros, the casinos in Germany make a significant contribution to the general welfare and to the relief of all taxpayers. Against this background, it is easy to understand that the auditors monitor all processes seamlessly and are tasked with ensuring that the tax authorities do not miss out on any money.

Who does the auditor work for and how much does he earn?

Auditors are not employed by the casino, but directly by the tax office. They monitor all processes and, among other things, ensure that fraud is prevented and the casino loses revenue. At the same time, they also monitor the casino itself, which, thanks to the complete documentation, cannot hide any income or avoid paying taxes.

Depending on professional experience, the monthly salary for auditors is between 3,100 euros and 4,450 euros. In addition, due to the unusual working hours at night and on weekends, there are corresponding surcharges, which on the one hand makes the job quite attractive, but on the other hand, it is precisely these times that deter many potential candidates for the job.

Unlike brick-and-mortar casinos, online ones pay

Casinos do not have a casino tax, but the stake generated on the slots is taxed at a flat rate of 5.3%. To ensure that this happens reliably, tax officials monitor the data collected by the approved gaming software and thus take over the job of the online auditor who is always present in the established casino.

The GGL also ensures smooth gaming processes and the prevention of game manipulation by closely monitoring the providers it licenses and taking immediate action in the event of irregularities. This means that you can play in the Best online casinos just as safely as in a well-known established casino.


Auditors are essential for the smooth operation and reliable payment of all taxes in established casinos. If the casino generates income through table games offered there and funds are withdrawn from slot machines, this is always monitored by the employees of the tax office. Before the players are allowed into the casino, the auditors open the safes, check that the gaming equipment is in perfect condition and much more. During ongoing operations, they ensure that profits are calculated correctly and that fraud has no chance. After the casino closes, the billing and proper locking of funds and chips follows.

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