Casino denies jackpot payout to construction workers in Argentina

As was announced just over two weeks ago, a construction worker in Argentina is said to have hit the casino jackpot first. As a result, however, he was denied the distribution of profits. The casino justified this decision with a malfunction of the device. But is such an approach even legal?

Casino denies jackpot payout

We last reported on Argentina in April last year. At that time it was about a floating luxury casino for Argentina, which should remain stationary in the port. In the current case, a construction worker in a casino in Argentina first cracked the mega jackpot. But the joy was short-lived: A short time later, a manager appeared at the slot machine, turned off the machine and announced that there was a technical defect and that the win was a mistake.

Jackpot was 100 million pesos

The jackpot won by the casino customer was an incredible 100 million pesos. Converted, this corresponds to a value of around 750,000 euros. The casino is said to have been the casino of Río Gallegos in the province of Santa Cruz. The construction worker initially played slot machines relatively unsuccessfully and lost part of his balance. It wasn’t until some time later that the man was amazed when he looked at the screen: he had cleared the jackpot and won 100 million pesos with it.

A little later, the first casino guests rushed to congratulate the supposed winner. Some casino employees had already come to offer congratulations. But when a managerial employee of the house appeared a little later, the joy was over.

Casino boss turns off slot machines and refers to technical defects

The manager pointed out to the “winner” that there was a technical defect and that the prize could not be paid out. Then he turned off the slot machine. Of course, the disappointed casino winner wasn’t satisfied with that and asked for his winnings to be paid out at the cash register. According to his own statements, he was then violently insulted and accused of “dishonesty”. Casino officials claimed the man knowingly exploited a known slot machine malfunction to collect the win. Just in March of this year we reported on a casino winner who didn’t realize he had won the jackpot and left the casino without a win.

The unlucky jackpot winner hails from the town of Comandante Luis Piedrabuena and works as a construction worker. So he certainly could have used the win. On site, the winner even offered to have the machine checked by an expert. However, the casino management rejected this proposal. Instead, he was only able to photograph the machine in question.

Now the man has gotten legal advice and turned on both the police and a lawyer. The man’s lawyer is now publicly looking for witnesses who have noticed the circumstances on site and can make a statement. In addition, the lawyer wants to request the recordings of the surveillance cameras. The casino itself declined to comment, citing ongoing proceedings. In Brazil, meanwhile, gambling is being legalized. Brazil is a neighboring country of Argentina and is also located in South America.


The Argentine construction worker still expects his reported profit of 100 million pesos to be paid out immediately. The casino refers to a malfunction of the slot machine and therefore refuses a jackpot payout. It will be interesting to see what the further investigations by the police, the Argentine gaming authority and the lawyer will reveal. It is also questionable whether the man can prove that he actually hit the jackpot.

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