Casino Streams: Kick allows fade out

The live video streaming service Kick released a new feature a few weeks ago. With the new function, viewers can now hide controversial content such as gambling or hot tub streams if required. But why is Kick, as a gambling-friendly platform, even introducing such a feature?

Casino Streams: Kick allows fade out

Just a few months ago, in an article, we asked ourselves whether the streaming platform could falsify viewership numbers. Now the new “Twitch competition” has released a new feature in mid-July, with which users can, if desired, completely hide gambling content on the platform. Such a function has been requested by Twitch users for a long time.

Why Gambling-Friendly Platform Introduces Anti-Gambling Feature?

At first glance, it may seem surprising that is now making such a feature available. Why? Very simple: The platform, which only started in December 2022, is financed by the crypto casino Stake, among others. So the question arises as to why a streaming service financed by a gambling company is introducing a function that allows gambling content to be completely hidden.

In any case, this tactical move by Kick is very popular on social media. In this way, young viewers in particular are better protected from the dangers of gambling, as they can hide all gambling content on Kick with just one click. Incidentally, the same also applies to so-called hot tub content, i.e. erotic content. As recently as May of this year, we at reported on how common “fake money streaming” is among casino streamers.

In addition to hiding casino content, Kick has also reportedly fixed tab issues and introduced advanced chat bot protection.

Is age verification required for Kick?

In fact, introducing the new feature is a smart move by those responsible for the kick. After all, one no longer sees oneself exposed to the accusation that the platform does not care about the protection of minors. Anyone who is not interested in gambling-related content can hide it in the settings with just one click. Twitch does not yet have a comparable function.

However, critics say the new feature doesn’t go far enough. They are demanding that gambling and hot tub content remain banned to all viewers in general pending age verification. In practice, however, this proposal is likely to fail due to the willingness of many users to verify themselves with an ID document “only” to watch casino streams. Therefore, it is not to be expected that age verification will be introduced on Kick or other platforms for the time being.

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