Chinese wants to cheat casino at roulette

Chinese wants to cheat casino at roulette

At the beginning of February, a man in an Austrian casino tried to play a wrong game at the roulette table. The goal is said to have been to cheat the casino. But the fraud was discovered and the police arrested the suspect. But with which scam did the man try to cheat the casino at roulette?

As recently as April last year, an article published on dealt with a manipulated roulette ball for which three pensioners were convicted. In a recent case, a man in Austria is said to have tried to cheat a casino at roulette. However, the croupiers recognized the fraud early on and alerted the police. They briefly arrested the unwanted guest and took him directly to the infirmary for interrogation.

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Casino staff were alerted by suspiciously large winnings

The suspect caught the attention of the croupiers in a casino on Kärntner Strasse in Vienna because of his suspiciously high winnings at the roulette table. In the further course, the trained staff then took a very close look and were able to determine a suspected influence on the game relatively quickly. The casino then alerted the police and reported the player. According to current media reports, the arrested fraudster is said to be a 47-year-old man with Chinese citizenship. He is said to have initially identified himself with false documents. However, the police officers recognized the deception and were able to determine the correct identity beyond a doubt.

Unfortunately, up to now, neither the police nor the casino have announced what specific acts of manipulation the man is accused of. All that is known is that a so-called air pressure roulette table is said to have been manipulated. As early as May 2022, we reported that slot machines could soon be in cinemas and bakeries in Austria.

Vienna State Criminal Police Office determined

The police in Austria have now confirmed that there is a suspicion of manipulation in gambling and that at least one person is being investigated here. In addition, the Vienna police are still looking for two other suspects. It is said to be a 34-year-old man from the Dominican Republic and a man of the same age from Morocco. The State Criminal Police Office is currently investigating the background. Another article in August 2022 was about an online casino having to reimburse an Austrian player for his losses of 1.6 million euros.


Up to the present time it is not known how the player is supposed to have managed to deceive the casino in Vienna at roulette and thereby earn high winnings. However, the employees recognized the fraud very quickly and alerted the police. She temporarily arrested the man with Chinese citizenship and took him with her for interrogation. Then he could continue on his way. The two suspected accomplices are still being sought.

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