Cracked Lotto jackpot by actual errors

Lotto is probably the most popular gambling in the world. An enormous number of people around the entire globe regularly make their crosses - and so it is not surprising that in the lottery there are always highly curious occurrences. In a current case, an American was able to clear a large jackpot because he made a decisive and deeply regrettable mistake.

Cracked Lotto jackpot

Even the mainstream media regularly report on lottery players who have submitted tips every week and then suddenly achieve the main prize.

However, individual lottery fates seem to be particularly popular with reporting. So you prefer to read from people whose mega gain fell unnoticed, whose jackpot lottery slip was not fully paid or to whom other bitter events blocked the way to the big money.

It was recently similar with an American lottery player from the small town of Mooresville. However, the sheet turned and, last but not least, he was overjoyed not to have made everything correctly.

45,000 euros in multiple profits by misfortune

David Lewandowski from the American state of North Carolina made a mistake in playing lottery. This misfortune actually cost him a lot of money. So far a very typical lottery story with a sad exit as you have read it so often.

The story is not over yet. After all, it was even an advantage of David Lewandowski that not everything ran smoothly. In the end, he was able to win over 45,000 euros more than would originally been possible!

What exactly happened?

Lewandowski is a regular lottery player. Like millions of other Americans, he hoped for the big win every week. The missions had become a fixed ritual that actually knows no deviations. Then, however, made a mistake in the online payment to miss a ticket. This appearance would (how could it be otherwise) a massive profit.

David Lewandowski could have (converted) 160,000 euros. As he reported to the British tabloid Daily Mirror, he was initially shocked. It was clearly evident for him that if the transaction had passed through, he had made a first -class profit. The shock was deep – but obviously not too deep.

Even higher profit the following day

Lewandowski tried it again the next day. He didn’t play more than usual and persistently persecuted his routine. Hard to believe: in fact he had the right feeling or the right tip.

The crosses were made and the appearance was submitted correctly and paid correctly: the luck was Lewandowski Hold and he was able to collect a lottery profit of 205,000 euros. Significantly more money than he would have collected the day before.

The overjoyed winner could not believe it at first. As already shown in dealing with the previous loss, it also acts very pragmatically in this situation. According to the Daily Mirror, he decided that the money should not acidify in his account. Instead, he wanted to invest it in an immobile.


In this event, the old saying “Happiness in Unpress” gets a completely new meaning. David Lewandowski did not threw the shotgun and has taken his mishap offensively: getting up, keeping up, remaining reasonable and collecting – according to the motto of this unique case.

Lewandowski’s error and the resulting advantage are undoubtedly very strange. However, I find it even more surprising that the American could land such a direct hit twice within a very short time. Unfortunately, it is not known whether he typed according to a certain strategy or with a special system.

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