Las Vegas is planning an image change towards a sports city

What is the first thing most people think of when Las Vegas comes up? That's right: casinos, slot machines, shows and lots of extravagant parties. If the city officials have their way, that should be history as soon as possible. One would like to get away from the image of the Sin City or at least put it into perspective. Sports and breathtaking sports events are to become the new flagship of the gambling metropolis.

Las Vegas is planning an image change towards a sports city

Las Vegas has brought more and more major sporting events, sports and leagues to its metropolitan area in recent years. First came the NHL and the NFL – in 2023 Formula 1 will also be a guest in the desert city for the first time. As we also reported, they are even planning a very long-term cooperation with the latter, without a corresponding contract.

According to an article in Sports Illustrated, this is far from over: the NBA and MLB are to follow. In addition to winning top-class basketball and baseball, Las Vegas generally wants to transform itself into a sports metropolis. Visitors should be offered what they can’t get anywhere else. In addition to a lot of sports entertainment and impressive locations, they also aim to promote less lucrative games of chance, namely sports betting. It just doesn’t work without gambling.

The MSG Sphere as an ambassador for change

The tallest spherical structure in the world is currently under construction in Las Vegas. The MSG Sphere is said to be visible even from space. The outer shell of the building will eventually have an area of 55,700 square meters and will be fitted with LED light elements. This results in a huge screen on which different content can be transmitted.

In the MSG Sphere, which has a capacity of 17,500 spectators, important sporting events are to take place – just like in the New York counterpart. Yes, of course the abbreviation “MSG” stands for “Madison Square Garden”. It is probably no coincidence that the operator of the world-famous (sports) arena in New York is building this branch in the future sports mecca of Las Vegas.

The city has also invested in other major sports facilities: the local ice hockey club, the Golden Knights, also uses a state-of-the-art hall for its home games, and the Las Vegas Raiders, previously from Oakland, have been playing in the huge Allegiant Stadium, the Black Stadium, since 2020 had “poached away”. In 2024 even the Superbowl will come into the cauldron. And don’t forget: even the Strip is used as a sports venue – in 2023, Formula 1 racing cars will race right down the world’s most sparkling street.

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” was yesterday – in future it will be “What happens in Vegas, only happens here.”

Sports Illustrated uses one of Sin City’s most famous “slogans” to formulate the change very aptly: the former motto “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” is increasingly being replaced by the new motto “What happens in Vegas, only happens here”. . You still want to give visitors what they want. However, expectations have obviously changed.

It’s less and less the slightly shady attractions that pull and more unique experiences from the entertainment industry and professional sports. In addition to football, ice hockey and Formula 1, the NBA is firmly in sight. Las Vegas may be playing into the cards that the basketball stars of the A’s in Oakland are currently very dissatisfied with the stadium situation.

Whether in basketball, baseball or other major (US) sports – the future sports metropolis undoubtedly offers a lot of potential. The above-average purchasing power, or at least the willingness to buy, of the residents and the millions of visitors a year suggests that those responsible for the city will still set some things in motion to fulfill their plan.

The greater focus on sports is expected to generate more income from sports betting

How could it be otherwise: Sports and sports betting naturally belong together in Las Vegas. The city still gives its visitors what they want – and these are (besides all the classic sights around casinos, parties and Co.) mainly sports betting offers.

There is already a large sports betting lounge in Allegiant Stadium. A special downtown hotel even offers 530 square meters of screen for sports broadcasts. Guests can relax in the pool there, watch several games live and conveniently tap them on their smartphones.


As you might expect, the transformation in Las Vegas is basically just about conquering new markets or expanding. Gambling and the money to be made with it are and will remain central factors. Packaged in sports betting, these workhorses also appear cleaner and more presentable in the gambling capital of the world.

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