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Casinoid - Most Independent Indian Gambling Portal is maintained and updated daily by a team of dedicated casino experts. It is their interest to provide the online gambling community in India with the correct information about everything to do with online casinos.

Casinoid create their content ourselves and we spend a lot of time researching and collecting all available information about online casinos, the iGaming business, casino bonus offers and promotions. If you regularly visit, you are guaranteed not to miss anything when it comes to the best online casinos in India! Corporate values

Main recognition value of this website is to offer a first class service free of charge. A service that you can trust has legitimate reviews that are independent of third-party interests. This is not common in online casinos.

The Casinoid Casino Advisor is proud to announce that we are an independent brand that only advertises Best online casinos in India with undergone quality control.

is an affiliate website?

Yes! But Casinoid is a website that is completely free to use. Their business model is to be an affiliate website for other service providers. This means that when we forward the value traffic from our website to our partners, we are paid by our partners. So, We do not recommend anyone to gamble with real money who has any form of gambling problem now or in the past.

We do not intend that anyone play with real money, we simply advertise various offers that are suitable for Indian players.

And for players from all around the World

Casinoid shows difference between trusted online casinos and bad companies

A serious appearance is crucial, because this is the only way a casino can score with us at all. As a user, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your sensitive personal information is secure or whether your winnings will be paid out at all. All of these aspects have been tested in the casinos, because black sheep have no chance with us. In fact, there are some companies that take a little more time with payments.

Criticisms can always occur. But they do not mean that a provider is not very serious. Often there are just “corners and edges”, which you can accept thanks to attractive games, fair odds and top support. As soon as more than one negative aspect emerges, the casino ends up on the “black list” and is definitely not recommended to you.

Regulating online gambling

In India, the government has perniciously ignored the issue of internet gambling. Unfortunately, there is no specific legislation in place that addresses internet gambling, nor has there been any consistent policy professed with regard to internet gambling. Thus, online gambling operators, both domestic and offshore, are allowed to operate with impunity in India. Spurred on by factors like inadequate legislation, a lack of enforcement, and an indifferent judiciary, online gambling in India is unregulated, untaxed, and most of all, unclear. This paper posits that there is an urgent need for legislative clarity in India’s policy towards internet gambling. - Indian Online Casinos

Conclusion – Casinoid in India

The reason why we are expanding to the Indian market is that there is a larger market and even more dubious casino guides.

As we know, there is a demand for honest casino guides.

We want to help make this scene better.

We want to help make this scene better.

Casinoid will present bonuses, slots, reviews and independent ratings that users from India need so much.

So…. We recommend for all Indians!

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