Does a drunk player have to pay close to £600,000?

Drunk British Gambler

The Crown London Aspinalls is a private gambling club with an excellent reputation. Here, in 2016, a player is said to have lost around GBP 600,000 playing baccarat. The problem: the high roller didn’t have the money with him in cash. Instead, a check was written to the casino. But the player let this burst. Now the judiciary should clarify whether the player actually has to pay the money. He claims to have been too heavily intoxicated.

It was only in November last year that we at reported that a player was rampaging in a London casino and the security staff was watching. In the posh Crown London Aspinalls gambling club, there was no such damage to property. However, whether a player was actually “fit to play” on a night in 2016 is disputed.

London gambling club sues high rollers

The renowned Aspinalls, a private gambling club in London, is suing one of its former players, Lester Hui, who lost nearly £600,000 playing baccarat in one day in 2016. He was initially on a lucky streak but ended the evening down £589,724.

Crown London Aspinalls

However, the high roller had only written one check to the gaming club that night, as he didn’t have that much cash. However, Hui bounced this check a short time later.

Was the baccarat player too drunk?

The winless player justified the bounced check by saying that he was too drunk to be “fit to play”. The staff at Crown Aspinalls Casino even encouraged him to drink more. Ultimately he lost control of himself and the game and lost utopian amounts of money, and it would be better to sit at home and play online slots in the best online casinos. The gambling club logically sees it differently and insists on the fulfillment of the contract. After the parties could not come to an agreement, the casino sued the high roller in 2019. A slightly older article on Casinova asked whether alcohol should also be taboo in the online casino.

Not the first lawsuit at Aspinalls Casino

Aspinalls Casino only has liquid players who play with correspondingly high stakes. A few years ago, a lawsuit broke out between a multi-million dollar entrepreneur from Malaysia and the Aspinalls. He gambled away an amount of almost 4 million GBP at Aspinalls Casino and was defeated in the subsequent court case. However, unlike the high roller in the case described here, the businessman was not heavily intoxicated.

The Crown London Aspinalls is a renowned gambling club in the posh Mayfair district of London. The club was founded in the 1960s by John Aspinall. Aspinalls is now part of Crown Resorts. The gambling club has several VIP rooms, each designed for up to 25 people.


A British court must now determine whether the wealthy baccarat player was actually too drunk to gamble that night in 2016. After all, it is the job of the casino staff to protect obviously drunk players and, if in doubt, to exclude them from further play.

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  1. The court case was some months ago now – what was the final outcome? My money was on the Casino winning – despite claiming to be drunk he drove home!

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