Online Casino Tips for Beginners

Online Casino Tips for Beginners

Who wins the most in gambling halls? The experts, the Experienced, or the most courageous? Wrong, it’s the newcomers. Whether it’s just coincidence or not, beginners win above average often. Why this is you don’t know. Maybe because you still see gambling as fun.

In spite of this, it is difficult for many newcomers, especially in the Online area, to profit from the beginner’s luck, as they find themselves difficult to handle. So some people are very suspicious and hardly want to spend their money, while others go unnoticed and lose a lot of money right at the beginning.

The Start should be easier for you and, above all, the fun should not be lost! With the following casino tips for beginners you get everything you need for a good start. So you can also benefit from the infamous novice fortune.

Casino games for beginners

If you have looked at a provider, it is important to dare to the first Games. The Supreme rule is to proceed cautiously. Even though Slots are recommended because of their ease of use for newcomers, it is important to first familiarize yourself with all the Details in order not to fool your money carelessly.

Play money mode

The most commonly given and most effective casino tip for beginners is to try first in free mode. This is where you can try out all the Slots without having to bet real money. This way you can get to know the rules and special features without risk and develop your own strategy.

Play money mode

In costless mode, you will also quickly notice that there are casino games for beginners, which are very easy to learn by their simplicity, while others are quite complex knitted and require more experience. That’s why we design the three lowest casino Games for beginners:

Roulette: Best Casino game for beginners

An Amusement Hall without Roulette is unimaginable. The classic Gambler has been attracting attention for centuries. His reputation as a casino game for beginners is probably based on the simple mode. This means that you can determine your potential profit with the bet amount and the Selected Risk Level (color, third or number) and calculate it very easily yourself.

Roulette: Best Casino game for beginners

Even the most famous Roulette strategy, The Martingale tactic, is so simple that you can use it yourself as a newcomer. To avoid losses, you only have to double the bet if you have lost.

Roulette also has one of the highest chances of winning. The return rate is a whopping 98%, which is a peak value. For these and other reasons Roulette is the best Casino game for beginners.

Triple Chance: king of Slots

Slots have become more and more complex in recent years, particularly as a result of the digital victory. More and more paylines have been combined with spectacular Features and should offer the Gambler constantly new stimuli. This made it possible for the simple one-armed bandits of the time to become highly complex machines.

Especially for online Casino newcomers, these new complex Slots are often not recommended, as they are more confusing than fun. But fortunately, there are also the good old 3-reel Slots.

Triple Chance: king of Slots

The most famous one is “triple Chance”. The Offline classic of mercury is now also available at almost all Online providers. In the 3 reel Slot with 5 paylines, the old principle is that you need three identical symbols in a row.

Who thinks that this casino game for beginners in return for a high return rate must dispense wrong. With 96%, “triple Chance” is one of the most popular online casinos.

Old but Gold: Black Jack

Similar to Roulette, Blackjack is a basic feature of any Amusement Hall. Already in the 17th century France, the uncomplicated card game “Vingt et Un” was practised. The classic is absolutely not a Game for beginners, and the rules are quickly explained.

Old but Gold: Black Jack

You get 2 face-ups and the Dealer An face-up and a face-down card.. The goal with his cards is to get as close as possible to the 21, but not over it. Your only task is now to weigh how high the probability is that you will get closer to the next card, but not over the 21 and decide whether to take another one.

You have practiced a few rounds in the Free mode, Black Jack, super easy, fun, and is therefore one of the best Casino Games for beginners. By the way, a 97% return rate is a top score, which is only beaten by a few other Games.

Beginner tips: tactics for successful gambling

Since each Game is very individual, it is difficult to formulate general casino beginners ‘ tips. For this reason, we take the above-mentioned Top games for beginners and will give you the best Casino tips for beginners to Roulette, triple Chance and Black Jack:

Tripple Chance

Tripple Chance is considered the most original of all Slot Machines, making it an absolute casino game for beginners. Although the single-armed Bandit has a fixed return rate of 96%, with a few automatic Tricks you can screw them up for a self:

  • Know the rules exactly: although Tripple Chance is one of the absolutely simple machines, you can not just start on it here.
  • The knowledge about the value of the symbols and profit increases by means of the risk managers is the basis for success at the mercury machine. The detailed information can be viewed at the online slot at the bottom left under the section “Playtable”. It’s a great game to play, but it’s a bit hard to beat it. In Tripple Chance there is also a higher possibility to use the Rewin Feature.
  • Set a time limit: especially at vending machines, the time can pass as in flight. Finally, seats, atmosphere and music are designed to make time forget. However, by setting a time limit, you can prevent you from dodging too long and wasting too much money at once.


Roulette is ultimately only luck and that means that in the end always wins the Bank. However, there are some strategies that allow you to control losses and increase profits. So you don’t have to leave all your money willingly to the Bank, but can improve its payout rate with a few tricks:

Set up a fixed Budget in advance. With this casino beginner tip you can avoid becoming emotional and making careless decisions.

You should never put all your money in a round. Especially when the emotions boil up you are tempted to rush actions like “everything on red”. It is better, however, to always set small fractions of the total budget. So you can play longer and not run the risk of losing everything at once
A generally important beginner’s tip is to stop if it is most beautiful. Especially in Roulette you are trying to believe in a lucky streak and want more and more. So you can also lose everything again. Finding the right time to stop is an art in itself.

Black Jack

Especially when blackjack happen many online Casino novice errors, because knowing when to take and when to keep, especially with experience is learned. So here are 3 Tricks, with which you can spare yourself an experience gain over tedious trying :

  • Do not copy the dealer’s strategy: the Dealer always follows the principle “16 and take less, 17 and stand more”. Since the Dealer seems to be successful with this, newcomers also want to pursue this tactic, but forget, an important principle of blackjack: if you and the Dealer take over, the Dealer wins.
  • Not at all cost try to get to the 21: many of the beginners always try to get to the 21 and see a sheet of 12-16 as weak. The Dealer’s card has a value of 2-6 is a Casino beginner’s tip to stay with a 14, as the probability that the Dealer busts is very high.
  • Pair with the value 20 parts: Certainly, the prospect of double profit is tempting, but the probability with 2 split kings to win less than you think and it may well happen that you lose both of them.

A Typical Beginner’s Mistake

When new starts, errors never fail. Also in amusement Halls, unfortunately, the same Fauxpas can be observed again and again and what use the best tips for beginners, if you do not know about possible traps.

A Typical Online Casino Beginner's Mistake

To make it better, here is the Top 5 of the online casino beginner’s errors:

  1. Try to recover losses through higher bets: behind this typical entry error is the belief that the more I Gamble, the higher the probability of winning. However, the fact is that the probabilities always remain the same. The attempt to make up for losses due to high stakes again is therefore often going backwards.
  2. More and more want: anyone who has once smelled of success will not get rid of it anymore. especially newcomers often try to realize larger profits and lose everything in the attempt again. Casino tips for beginners recommend to look forward to his win, but at the right Moment also have the courage to draw a line.
  3. Try all Games: especially with Online providers, the huge selection is almost seductive and you would like to try everything. A common online Casino beginner’s mistake is to switch the Game immediately when it is not running at your own table or Slot. However, this makes everything much more complicated and it is more effective to stay with what you already know.
  4. Trust in a “100% secure strategy”: especially Online Casino newcomers, who find out about the Internet encounter a flood of allegedly waterproof strategies. Most of them, however, do not work in the long run and only create an Illusion.
  5. So you can make your Online Casino Novice fortune better so better without highly complicated tactics
    giving up after a one-time loss
    : losing is a constant constant in gambling, which one has to calculate. Even at the top games for beginners you will lose in the long run. Many newcomers are frustrated after their first major loss and want to stop. Basically, however, one has to include losses in gambling. The Krux is always under control. So you can keep the fun.

Casino success and long-term chances of winning

Most Gambler careers began with big wins at the first. The Online Casino has a lot to offer. The fact is, however, that you can not win in the long run with so much novice luck.

Nevertheless, Amusement Halls remain a great fun and daddling is a Hobby like any other, as long as you have your feelings and money in control. If you also have a few of the Online tips for new entrants, you may also leave the Slot with bulging pockets one time or another.

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