What “psycho tricks” do Las Vegas casinos use?

There are many myths that casinos in Las Vegas and other gambling metropolises use "psycho tricks" to lure guests into staying longer or betting higher. But which tricks work - and why? We went in search of the best "psycho tricks" used by Vegas casinos.

psycho tricks

Almost exactly a year ago we published an article about slot machine design tricks that entice users to play. Our focus was primarily on virtual slot machines. Today it is about what the land-based casinos in the gambling metropolis Las Vegas are doing to make the visit of the players as long as possible.

Popular “psycho tricks” used by Las Vegas casinos

It’s no secret that casino operators want their guests to gamble as much money and spend as much time in the casino as possible. In order to achieve this goal, many lights, sounds and a lively atmosphere are used, especially in the gambling metropolis of Las Vegas. Visitors can feel the excitement and thrill before they even sit down. If the guests are in a good mood and feel entertained, the losses suffered are not so consciously perceived.

Of course, casino guests in Las Vegas will usually look in vain for both clocks and windows in the gaming room. This practically disables the sense of time in the casino and the player has no need to stop playing. Only the present exists here – past and future do not matter. And so that nobody gets tired (too quickly) in the casino, there are typically many kitschy carpets in the brightest colors. Because another “psychotrick” of the Vegas casinos is to keep the players awake with bright colors and euphonious sounds and to provide an energy boost. In addition, a player’s plan such as “Just this song and then it’s over” should be difficult – because in the Vegas casinos the music continues without interruption between different songs.

Maze-like structure confuses players – and makes them stay longer

Another “psycho trick” is that Las Vegas casinos are often built like little mazes. A clearly visible “exit” sign is unlikely to be found here. Because it is the goal of the casino operator that the guest might get lost at a slot machine again when looking for the exit.

In addition, the casinos ensure that digital money, i.e. credit cards, is used to play. As a result, players are less aware of their turnover and losses and often gamble away more money than originally planned. Just recently, for example, we reported in an article that online payments are soon planned in Las Vegas.

Fancy Las Vegas? After a long “Corona break”, direct connections from Germany to the dazzling gambling metropolis have finally been available again for a short time. The airline Eurowings, for example, is once again flying the Munich – Las Vegas route twice a week.

Complimentary food and drinks help set the mood

Unlike in Other Countries casinos, it is still common in casinos in Las Vegas that guests are provided with free food and (alcoholic) drinks. The alcohol is known to increase the willingness to take risks and at least to some extent the players feel obliged to play something if they just got a free drink. Also, in another article, we asked ourselves whether there is a smoking ban in casinos.

There is also a widespread rumor that some Las Vegas casinos are increasing the amount of oxygen in the air to keep players awake longer. The added oxygen is designed to keep guests more alert and refreshed, which in turn allows them to stay and play longer. There are also some rumors that some casinos release so-called pheromones to trigger euphoria and well-being.


Most casino guests will happily stroll through the gaming rooms without realizing that psychological tricks are being used with the aim of increasing their length of stay and turnover. Because of course the “psycho tricks” of the casino operators only work if the player doesn’t see through them. However, even when visiting the legendary casinos in Las Vegas, the top priority is that the player only gambles away the money that he actually has left and has set as a budget.

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