Win money in online Casinos – Real or not?

Win money in online Casinos

Can you actually win money in Online Casinos? Online Casinos are like Sand by the sea – in Europe alone, over 1000 different Casinos are licensed and promise players high profits and lots of money. These offers are reputable? This article is intended to explain whether and how to win money in Online Casinos.

Are Online Casinos safe?

Let’s first ask the question of the security of Online Casinos. If you want to win money, you have to deposit in most cases before a little money. There is nothing left in the Online world in 2019.

The question of the security of Online Casinos is quite justified, after all, you do not want to deposit your money at dubious stores where it is not even clear where the headquarters is and what happens to the money. Therefore, the following tip:

When you play for real money, you do so only at major reputable Casinos licensed within Europe and regularly tested by independent agencies.

We have tested virtually all current Online Casinos and compiled lists of the best and safest Casinos. At these Casinos you can deposit money without hesitation, these Casinos are safe.

Can you win money in online Casinos?

If you can win money in Casinos you can play in a secure Casino, you can definitely win money there. Many of the reputable Casinos have been on the market for over a decade and these Casinos have spawned numerous winners over the course of the year.

Of course, the Casinos have nothing to give away and practically every game has a house advantage, which ensures that in the long run always wins the Bank. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t win money at an Online Casino. In fact, it is extremely important for the Casinos that players win regularly – who likes to play somewhere if they never win?

Online Casinos rely on Satisfied Customers who are loyal and always like to come back. This is why reputable Casinos offer players realistic chances of winning and give them the opportunity to clear up a lot. We explain in the next paragraphs how best to do this.

How to make Online Casinos money?

Online Casinos make Profit in the same way as conventional Casinos or gaming libraries also. All games offered have a house advantage and if you play the game only long enough, the Casino will always win in the long run.

What is a house advantage?

This house advantage is given as a percentage in the games and describes how much of the stake remains at the Casino in the long run. Let’s take European Roulette for example. This game has a house advantage of 2.7%. Statistically, this means that a player on a bet of 10 Euro per game loses on average 27 cents.

The house advantage does not mean that a player cannot win over a certain period of time. In fact, for most games in the Casino, a player will make a profit over the period of a normal evening – for example, three hours at the Roulette table-with a probability of almost 50 percent. But it is only “almost” 50 percent. The House wins a little more often and over a long period of time and with many players, from the small house advantage in the end becomes a big Profit for the Casino.

How can you win money as a player in the Casino?

We have explained in the previous section, how the Casinos make money – with the house advantage. But how can you still win money in a Casino? The answer is simple: You have to be lucky

Each player can win money in a Casino if he is lucky. But happiness is also the only way to win money.

Every sophisticated System, every method, every mathematical model always comes to the same conclusion when it comes to gambling: the Casino has its head ahead in the long run. (There are exceptions like Kesselgucker or card counter, but this is now in hardly a Casino and certainly not online.)

To win money in online Casinos, you have to be lucky as a player. In this way you should always look at the games. You should never play with the expectation that you made a profit at the end of a session or an evening, but with the expectation that you will probably lose money. Because this is how the games are created.

Fortunately, many games have a fairly low house advantage, so it still happens quite often that you can be lucky as a player and finish the evening as a winner. Only: you should expect this to happen in less than half of all cases.

Which games are most suitable?

If you want to win money as a player, you should look for games, where it is most likely, that you write black numbers after a slightly longer game. Once again, “quite likely” here always means that the probability of making profit is less than 50 percent. In the case of good games, however, this probability is not too far from the 50 percent.

Good games are games with a low house advantage. A few examples of good and bad games:

Slot machines in gaming libraries: bad house advantage

Let’s start by taking a simple example of a game with a miserable house advantage: the slot machines in a gaming library. These figures, on average, about 60 percent of the bet to the player, and therefore have a house edge of 40 percent.

If you play 60 games at this machine in a row, the probability that you have made Profit after these 60 games, is a degree once 2 percent. In other words, over a period of 60 games (at best one hour of playing time), 98 out of 100 players have lost to these machines.

Roulette for money roulette: full house win very okay advantage

Let’s look at Roulette. The game has in European Casinos (there the wheels have only a zero) a house advantage of 2.7 percent. Imagine you’re playing just simple odds. Each time you spin, you bet 20 euros on red or on Black.

Play this game 60 times, the probability that you make profit is around 37 percent. The probability that you will make over this period, the loss is 53 percent. The remaining 10 percent go home plus minus zero.

Blackjack: Optimal for winning money in Casino blackjack: good house advantage

For comparison, we now consider a game that has a very good house advantage: Blackjack. If you find a Casino that offers good rules for this game, the house advantage is around and a percent.

Imagine playing blackjack with liberal rules (Dealer Stands on Soft 17, 6 Decks, Double after a Split is allowed-such Blackjack games can be found on the net). This game has a house advantage of 0.6 percent. Imagine if you put 20 Euro and play perfectly.

Play this Blackjack game 60 times, the probability that you make profit is about 46 percent percent. The probability that you will make a loss over this period is slightly below 52 percent. The remaining 2 percent go plus-minus-Zero home.

These examples show that it is not at all unlikely to leave the field after a longer game than a winner at the right Games in the Casino.

Blackjack wins in Detail

Let’s look at the game of Blackjack from the above example in Detail. The variant we examined has a house advantage of 0.6 percent and we play 60 rounds, whereby we set 20 euros each. We play a perfect strategy (with us you can learn the perfect Blackjack strategy) and double and split whenever it is profitable.

How likely are losses?

Let’s first take a look at the losses. In around 51.6% of cases we make after 60 games loss. It may well be that we also suffer heavy losses of more than 25 times the stake. With a probability of at least 8% we lose 500 Euro or more. In most cases, however, our loss will be within a slightly clearer framework.

How likely profits are?

It doesn’t look so different from winning. We win money after 60 games in about 46.3% of the cases (2.1% of the cases have a black zero). It is quite possible to also achieve very high profits. 500 or more Euro we win 6.2% of the cases. Profits of over 750 euros (this is the 30-fold stake) occur in around 1% of cases.

So it turns out: you can win at Good casino games, such as Blackjack quite-even over a longer period of time. A loss is always a little more likely.

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