Terms and conditions of Bonus offers

Terms and conditions of Bonus offers

The online competition is stable, high and absolutely competitive. In the industry, every paying customer is paid for, and this meets the players. You are usually lured with very attractive conditions for new registration at the online casino.

However, most of the time behind the high numbers on the start pages and advertising banners of Online Casinos hide only hot air: because in the small print are listed for the gift bonuses all sorts of conditions, which no beginner ever observes or even understands.

Online casinos with Fair Bonus Offers

However, this usually only leads to unnecessary disappointments. Instead, you should deal specifically with the best bonus offers and understand their terms, so as not to find yourself later in tedious and strenuous discussions with the providers again. Read More: Online Casino Bonuses.

In most cases, the Bonus is linked to sales conditions. The Online Casinos rarely want to cheat the players. On the contrary, the conditions of turnover are also there to protect the Online Casino from multiple registrations and to remain competitive despite an attractive offer.

As a player you have to consider, Of course, whether you prefer a high Bonus match – so with the greatest probability can simply play longer in the Casino online – or prefer less, but has “real” money in your Hand.

What are unfair bonus terms?

The question cannot be easily answered, as it includes many complex issues. Here are a few hints that can bring a bit more insight:

  • Serious Online Casinos let their games to give up the Bonus. Anyone who sees a welcome bonus as an obstacle, must also be allowed to reject it. If you can’t, you shouldn’t get carried away.
  • Turnover requirements may look low, but they are not partly because they affect both Bonus and deposit amount. With this little trick-taking try the Online Casinos look better than the competition. With the same Bonus, a 10-fold bonus and deposit turnover is the same as a 20-fold bonus only from the Bonus. Make sure that the effective bonus requirement is not more than 50 times. Otherwise, you lose your money by the house advantage, before you can even win and withdraw.
  • Just as crucial is the period during which a Bonus can be played. There are quite providers that do not set a deadline. Most, however, set their deadline at about 30 days – in this time, the turnover must be earned, so that you can keep the Bonus (and its profits). If the time limit expires, the amount you have redeemed will be deducted from the player’s account. Therefore, you should always read the terms and conditions beforehand and look specifically at what happens to the Bonus when the deadline expires.
  • Depending on the house advantage of the game, Real Money bets are scored differently for different games. This means that while Slots usually count the bets 100% of the required turnover, there is a lower house advantage in Roulette and thus it would be easier for the player to reach the turnover. This is why Casinos online does not attribute everything to turnover, but to what is equivalent to the game.
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