Casino Helsinki introduces individual loss limits

Casino Helsinki introduces individual loss limits

For a few days now, casino guests in Finland have been able to set individual loss limits for their slot machine games. The aim is to increase player protection and thus to minimize the number of gamblers with problematic gaming behavior. But what are the casino loss limits that can now be set in land-based Finnish casinos?

The Finnish gaming operator Veikkaus wants to optimize player protection and is therefore implementing a comprehensive package of measures. This also includes the introduction of an individual loss limit for slot machines. The new rules affect the stationary arcades. Similar requirements have been in place for online gambling for some time. Last year, for example, we reported on a study from Canada that looked at the question of whether gambling addiction depends on genes.

Players at Casino Helsinki can set individual loss limits

For a few days now, guests at Casino Helsinki, which is operated by Veikkaus, have been able to set player-related loss limits. It is therefore possible to set daily and / or monthly loss limits. The playing time can also be limited on request. These player protection limits can be set separately for table and slot machine games. In addition, there is now a panic button on the stationary machines. If you click on the area outlined in red, you lock yourself for a day. The game is played with a personal ID card, so that an effective game exclusion is guaranteed. Just recently we dealt in an article with the question of whether the 24-hour lock with the panic button is useful and effective.

Finland has had strict rules for online gambling for some time. Gamblers are allowed to gamble away a maximum of 500 euros in one day or 2,000 euros per month. With the implementation of the current package of measures, the operator Veikkaus now wants to prove that player protection is important to him. Before that, there was frequent criticism, as in some cases no proper age test had been carried out at Casino Helsinki.

Casino Helsinki is only a ten minute walk from the Central Railway Station. The casino was opened on December 1, 1991 and today the casino employs around 200 people. Casino Helsinki is open 363 days a year between 12 noon and 4 in the morning. Around 300 slot machines as well as more than 20 table games and a poker room are on offer.


From now on, guests of Casino Helsinki can set individual loss limits for both slot machine and table games. In addition, the playing time can be regulated and limited if necessary. Veikkaus, as the operator of the casino, wants to ensure that player protection is guaranteed and the number of players with problematic gaming behavior is minimized. Loss limits for online gamblers had been set some time ago. Since then, Finnish players have been allowed to gamble away a maximum of 500 euros per day and no more than 2,000 euros per month.

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