Deposit limit set at 200 euros per week in Belgium

Since the new State Treaty on Gambling (GlüStV) came into force, a deposit limit of EUR 1,000 per player applies to all providers in Germany. A few weeks ago, the deposit limit for online gambling was also adjusted in neighboring Belgium. However, the new deposit limit does not apply to all providers, but per provider.

Deposit limit set at 200 euros per week in Belgium

As early as October last year, we reported that a gambling reform was coming into force in Belgium. A few weeks ago, the Belgian Gaming Commission announced that the monthly deposit limit will also be significantly reduced. This should ensure even better player protection. However, players can still register with different providers and exhaust the limit here. We recently reported that the betting limit per game in Greece has been increased tenfold from 2 to 20 euros.

Gaming limit is reduced from 500 to 200 euros per provider

There is currently a weekly betting limit of €500 per player and provider in Belgium. However, this limit is to be significantly reduced again from October of this year. More precisely, each player should then only be able to deposit a maximum of 200 euros per week and provider. As a result, players from Belgium can still deposit a maximum of 800 euros per month from October.

However, this restriction applies to each provider, so it will still be possible and allowed to deposit up to 800 euros per month in the best online casinos. An article published in February of this year already dealt with the threat of stricter gambling regulations in Belgium.

Exceptions are still possible

Similar to Germany, there should also be the possibility of exceptions in Belgium. Accordingly, individual players can request an increase in the weekly limit from the respective online gambling provider. In these cases, however, it would have to be proven that the player has the financial means to bet more money and, if necessary, to be able to lose it.

For example, the online casinos should then query the credit situation at the National Bank in order to be able to assess how liquid the player is. Several months ago, we published an article that answered the question of whether online gambling could result in a negative SCHUFA entry.


In many other European countries such as Belgium, for example, there are increasingly strict regulations for player protection in online gambling. From October of this year, players in Belgium will only be able to bet a maximum of 200 euros per week per provider. However, the sense of such a regulation may be questioned, since every player can finally register with various different providers without any problems and exhaust the weekly limit here. As a result, it will be interesting to see whether the new regulation might miss its target.

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