Lightning Dice: Evolution Gaming’s new craps game show

Lightning Dice: Evolution Gaming's new craps game show

Evolution Gaming is constantly developing new Live Games, some of which are reminiscent of television game shows. The latest invention is now Lightning Dice – a dice game with special multipliers, as you know from the Lightning Roulette.

Lightning Dice is a relatively simple game with 3 dice, in which you have to guess the eye number, which results in Addition. To roll there is a 3 Split machine, which has a hopper above and then 3 levels with obstacles on which the dice hit. First come cubes, then partially rotating surfaces and finally different cylinders.

How to play Lightning Dice?

The rules of Lightning Dice are very simple. It is played with three Standard dice, which carry 6 sides and the eye numbers 1 to 6. The goal is to predict the total sum of all 6 dice. There are therefore certain similarities to Sic Bo.

First, you simply have to place the desired bet on one of the 16 fields with the eye totals 3 to 18. The Lightning Feature starts after the time of use. A flash “beats” on the field and randomly selects one or more flash numbers. Each is then assigned a randomly selected multiplier.

After the game Manager or Moderator sets the game cube on the funnel. Then a switch is flipped, so that the machine rolls. When the dice stop rotating and lie still at the end, the camera zooms on the three dice. The players who have the added Eye number of the dice are the most likely to have won.

Evolution Lightning Dice

To the right of the field you can see the statistics with the last 32 winning numbers, The Flash numbers are displayed with a gold background.

Payouts, Chances Of Winning, House Advantage

The following table shows the number of winning combinations for an eye total. In addition, the possible disbursements are shown. With the Lightning Feature, a multiplier can be assigned at any time, which is located in the respective payout range.

The highest win you can achieve at Lightning Dice is 1,000 times the bet, when you bet on the Numbers 3 or 18. The theoretical payout ratio varies between 96.03% and 96.21% depending on the betting option, so the house advantage is at most 3.97%. This corresponds to the value of many slot machines.

My experience of testing Lightning Dice

I’ve tried the Game in the SlotV. I tried different strategies. First I tested Matthias High Roller wisdom. When playing table games, he always wants to bet on everything. So I bet 20 cents on all the numbers, but there were rather meager profits of 2€ with a total bet of 3.2€.

Then I started to bet only on the really profitable numbers. The stakes were 40 cents to 80 cents per round. In the end I tried again Matthias strategy.

In any case, I received a maximum prize of 10€. My first Test of the game was therefore not particularly successful, but not bad. To get a first feeling for the game, it was definitely sufficient.

What online Casinos do Lightning Dice have?

But slowly take over it more and more Evolution Gaming Live Casinos. In the best case, the Limits start with 20 cents, so you can try it with small stakes.

In the Game, the Game Show character as well as Dream Catcher, Monopoly Live, Deal or No Deal and Super Sic Bo is in the foreground.

Overall, I think the Game made quite appealing, similar to Lightning Roulette. The bar-less machine offers to the cube is a real Eye-Catcher and the camera well-matched to it. The Flash Feature creates additional voltage. If you still have a comedic presenter, the game is not bad. If you like Gameshows at Online Casino, you should try the new Evolution Gaming Game.

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