Side bet City Poker by Evolution Gaming

Side bet City Poker by Evolution Gaming

Side Bet City Poker is a new Evolution Gaming Poker game show. The special feature here is that you can only complete side bets on the poker hand. The Live table is designed as a Bar, so you have a rather extraordinary Live table with interesting ambience in front of you.

Side Bet City Poker is a special Casino Poker Game. The Dealer deals a total of 7 cards. No Ante or Call bets are required. The side-bets are in the foreground. You can put on a 3-card Hand 5-card Hand or a 7-card Hand. Alternatively, you can also bet that all hands lose. The game is therefore relatively simple, so it is also suitable for beginners.

How to play Side Bet City Poker?

The card game is played with a standard poker deck of 52 cards. The cards are shuffled after each round. After placing a bet, the Dealer deals 7 cards.

The first 3 cards are responsible for the result of the 3-card Hand. The next 2 cards are dealt the 5-card Hand. The last 2 cards release the result of the 7-card Hand. As a result, Flop, Turn and River are dealt normally, as you know from Poker.

The 7-card Hand takes into account the best 5 cards that are dealt. As soon as the cards allow a win on a Hand on which you bet, there is a blue overlay with the respective winning combination.

You can put either the 3-card Hand (3 Card Hand), the 5-card Hand (5 Card Hand) and the 7-card Hand (7 Card Hand). If you think there is no winning combination at all, you can also bet on” lose all”.

What winning combinations are available at Side Bet City Poker?

There are different Winning hands. Basically, however, you have to distinguish the 3-card Hand from the 5-and 7 – card Hand. As soon as you bet on” lose all”, all hands must be lost in order for a payout to occur. There must not even be a pair in the 5-card Hand.

Winning constellations at the 3-Card Poker Hand

The order of each card is the same for all hands. Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9 ,8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2. However, the ace can be the highest card in a sequence and stand above the king, or the lowest card below the 2.

The 3 cards are missing some of the winning hands you know about classic Poker. There is no Full House or four same.

5-card hand winning combinations

There are some differences between the 5 – and 7-card Hand in the payout ratios, as the chances of winning the 7-card Hand are greater. For example, in the 7 Card hand pairs are not remunerated.

The “lose all” Option will be paid 0.7: 1. If you bet 1€ you get your bet back and 70 cents as a profit on it. The bet is therefore not really worth it.

What are the chances of winning at Side Bet Poker?
The payout rates and also the house advantage depend on the Hand you bet on. Theoretically, the following payout rates are achieved:

  • 3-Card Hand: 96.69%
  • 5-Card Hand: 95,21%
  • 7-Card Hand: 94.34%
  • “All Lose”: 96.29%

The house advantage in the new Poker game is theoretically therefore from 4.31% to 5.66%.

Own experience with Side Bet Poker

Side bet City Poker by Evolution Gaming

I saw Side Bet City Poker at SlotV Casino first and tried it there. I must confess that I was not certain when I was sitting and I first typed “lose all”. There I was lucky twice. Then I tried to sit on my hands. Minimum stake was 50 cents per betting option. I’ve had some profits, but nothing really big. Nevertheless, it was enough to get a first feeling for the Game.

Side Bet City Poker is relatively easy, because you only have to bet on one of the 4 options. The next time I would just give small bets on the 5-card Hand, hoping that at some point a good combination will come. The option “lose all” is only worthwhile with high stakes, otherwise no good profits come about.

What Online Casinos do Side Bet City Poker offer?

I have seen the Live table so far at Frank, Joycasino, Casino-X, SlotV and Ivi Casino. The other online casinos will certainly offer the game but also relatively quickly.

If you want to approach the poker game, Side Bet City Poker is not bad. The new Live table has more Game Show character, you can learn some poker terms, therefore, it is well suited for beginners. Especially since setting is relatively simple and does not require much consideration.

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