The best Low Variance Slots in the Online Casinos

Low Variance Slots

Again and again you are asked for Low Variance Slots, which you can play with little bet over a certain period of time and then leave with a relatively low loss. Usually these Games are for casual players who don’t want to wait long for a Big Hit, but just want to doodle something. Below I once summarized 25 good Low Variance Slots from different manufacturers.

There are always reasons why you are looking for slots with low variance, or volatility. It may be that you only want to play a Bonus, or try to make the deposit once, so that you can withdraw the money. In the following I would like to first of all introduce the best Low Variance online Slots. I have tried to select as many different software vendors as possible, but it is still noticeable that NetEnt Slots dominate this division.

Low Variance Slot are slot machines with low variance. There are no big wins, but you do not make huge losses, if you only briefly play. Usually you can play for a while. If you are lucky, you win several times and so can accumulate some money. More detailed explanations of variance are given in one of our guides.

Best Low Variance slot machines

  • Finn and the Swirly Spin
  • Tomb Raider
  • Jack Hammer
  • Wild Toro
  • Big Bad Wolf

However, the experience has shown that you can play the Games for a relatively long time and they usually only give lower profits, whether you can exploit their full potential at some point, is questionable.

Where to Play

For whom are machines with low variance worthwhile?

Low variance casino games are mostly for players who don’t want to wait long for a Big Hit. They may only play briefly and tend to welcome several times smaller profits and want to have rather low risk. Just because the games have a lower variance, it does not mean that you can’t lose everything or win big, but it is not the rule. Usually you can play the Games for hours and after 1,000 spins, only very low losses because of smaller profits (usually not higher than 30 – to 40-fold).

Therefore, the Games are rather something for casual players, once briefly looking for a little fun at Slots.

Otherwise, the Games are often used to implement bonuses. Sometimes you have to implement the paid money before you can withdraw it. This can also be achieved quickly and easily with Low Variance Slots.

But be careful: Sometimes, the bonus conditions Include a variety of game modes. This may include leaving a slot with high variance after a Big Hit and switching to a slot machine with low variance only to meet the bonus requirements.

If you do this, you should carefully study the terms and conditions of the bonus. In extreme cases, a Bonus can be removed and you will have nothing to win at the end and maybe the casino account will be blocked.

Conclusion: especially NetEnt Slots are Low Variance

If you look at the table with the Games, you will find that most games come from the software manufacturer NetEnt. Ultimately, the Swedish software provider has over the years specialized in Games, where there are only small maximum profit factors, but the profits are more and more frequent and relatively regular. In addition, you have put a lot of emphasis on the entertainment and tuning of animations as well as Sounds.

It can be fun to play such Games with little profit potential. Sometimes you have a little luck and collect some profits. Ultimately, it is gambling, because almost everything can happen.

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