Thailand is trying to rebooking online gambling

Thailand is trying to rebooking online gambling

The news portal Workpoint News reported from a Thai, asked the police for help, because he wanted to get back the stakes from the Online gambling. Gambling in the form of casino games is completely forbidden in Thailand. The man hoped by an indictment for fraud, that he get the loss of 600,000 Baht (about 16,841 euros) back.

Since 1935, there is the so-called Gambling Act 2478 in Thailand, which prohibits most gambling in the Asian country. Nevertheless, there are always illegal Casinos in Thailand and among the residents the Online gambling is more popular.

On Friday, 26 April 2019, a Thai man had arrived at the Chang Puek police station in the city of Chiang Mai. The city is located in the northwest of Thailand. He had lost 600,000 Baht (about 16,841 Euro) at Baccarat on an Online Casino site in one night. The police should freeze some of the money transferred to the recipient so that he can get it back.

Is gambling allowed in Thailand?

Gambling is mostly prohibited in Thailand. There is a state lottery in which you can easily participate. It is also possible to place bets on the winners on the racetracks there. All other types of gambling have been prohibited since 1935 by the act of gambling 2478. However, those who play in an illegal slot casino in the country must expect fines or even imprisonment.

The best online сasinos are not allowed, but since the сasinos are not physically located on Thai soil, players can usually play there without punishment. It is therefore not completely forbidden, but is only tolerated for lack of legal bases.

How did the man try to convince the police of the criminal record?
The man was well prepared for the ad. From the Online gambling operator, he had printed a detailed Overview of inserts. It revealed the assignments he had made during the night of the 18th century. It was the first time that the company had made a purchase. He also had a statement so he could prove that he had deposited 600,000 Baht (about 16,841 euros) at the Baccarat gambling website. In total, he made eleven deposits:

  • 1x 2,000 Baht (around 56 Euro)
  • 9x 50,000 Baht (about 1,403 Euro)
  • 1x 100,000 Baht (approximately 2,806 Euro)

Despite the line-up, the police had informed him that they could not help him. He had finally transferred the more than 600,000 Baht completely voluntarily and without compulsion to the recipient’s bank account.

Has the gambling website seduced the man to play?

According to the police report, the man indicated that the website would have seduced him to play. In the night of 18. On April 22, he became aware of the website through an advertisement on Facebook. In the ad they had claimed that with Online gambling very easy, can become rich. Because he was seduced to gambling, he asked the police for help. They should freeze the transferred funds so that they can get them back.

While he looked at the website, he was able to see that thousands of other people also looked at the website. All comments on the Baccarat game and the website itself were positive. There were several Games to choose from, but he had opted for Baccarat. Therefore, he has initially paid 2,000 Baht (about 56 euros) as a bet for Baccarat.

Escalation after the first loss

Right at the first round he lost the entire amount. He then lost his mind according to his own data and paid 9 times 50,000 Baht (about 1403 euros) and 1 time 100,000 Baht (about 2,806 euros).

When he lost his money, he recognized Online gambling as a scam and found that the money had already been debited from his account. Thus, he could not stop the payment himself.

However, it is more problematic that the 600,000 Baht (about 16,841 Euro) did not belong to him at all. The money his father had actually made available to him for the management of the family business.

At first the man didn’t want to tell anyone about the story, but confessed to the family about the story. The Family Council sent him to the police to report fraud. His uncle had come along for this purpose.

The uncle explained that the Online casino games were a violation of the cyber law. The event of Online gambling could, therefore, be considered a fraudulent act.

The cyber law should increase security on the Internet. It should provide government agencies with comprehensive search and seizure powers if acts of a Person or cyber security would be threatened. In particular, the law should prevent hacker attacks on government agencies. However, it was repeatedly criticised as it did not define what was regarded as a “threat to cyber security”. By the way, there is also a “computer crime law” in Thailand, which provides for the distribution of “Fake News” 5 years in prison.

The Thai police followed the argument for Online gambling?

The police made it clear that the website was not a scam. The man was not deceived. He eventually voluntarily deposited the money and decided that he wanted to participate in Baccarat. He had to have realized at the time of his participation that he was taking a great risk and perhaps losing everything.

The police could not accept the advertisement, because the Online Baccarat game is similar to Offline gambling. When he decided to take part, he knew it was a game that could be won or lost.

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