Jarttu84 fake, fat, foolish

Jarttu84 - Fat , vile, ugly, detestable, villainous, disgusting, abominable, loathsome, odious freak

Today we talk another guy from Finland named “jarttu84” as well playing solely on fake money and deceiving his viewers. Share this page with your frends with the buttons below.

Jarttu84 famous twitch casino streamer with fake money and fake emotions, which he mixes with a silly accent. All you need to know about this pig with a beard – he is not worthy of his stream watched by people who have an IQ above 20-30.

By the way, his IQ is 11

Jarttu84 fake

Some casino forums has a threads about Jarttu and no one speaks positively about it. For example:

I think Fake – Too big Bets – too fake emotions!
My IMHO – Jarttu84 – Fat , vile, ugly, detestable, villainous, disgusting, abominable, loathsome, odious freak


Jarttu84 fake casino streamer

If Jarttu84 refuses to show his deposits and withdrawals from casino, this is the very first sign he might be playing in this casino on some “special” terms, i.e. playing with non-withdrawable (fake) money. But some casinos know this and they went much further in this matter, so the only thing that can 100% prove a player gambling with his own funds is his bank statement which should correlate with his deposits and what’s even more important his cashouts.

Be smarter

We recommend that you play at the proven and best online casinos for players and does not listen to any Fake streamers like Jarttu84. Today that casinos are:

Try to play at this 2 casinos and you will be happy! Good Luck!

Why Jarttu84 Fake

He have not fully non-withdrawable funds on their account, but a maximum possible withdrawals, about 1 or 2 k thousands of euro. This makes it look like they are gambling for huge amounts of money, but in reality most of their winning cannot be withdrawn and essentially they are playing for much more humble sums of money. Again, not telling these facts to your viewers, who follow your affiliate links and lose their own money, is a fraud and nothing else. And casinos practicing such deals are, to say the least of it, dishonest.

When this guy faking his emotions on streams like he’s playing with his own money, I swear it makes me want to puke. Oh, and his donations list up on his twitch with title saying “I promise you that nothing will be used for gambling” is looking like a mockery to the viewers.

I can’t feel anything but sorry for those viewers who donated money to this dude.

Man, you are making money on your partnership program without risking your own cash and yet you have to put a donations up there.


Jarttu84 – just 1 more fake casino streamer like Roshtein or Casinodaddy. One more actor without an Oscar!

Good Luck!

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