Casinodaddy – Fake money streamers

Casinodaddy - Fake money streamers

CasinoDaddy is one of the most popular streamers in all of Twitch and Youtube. They are popular despite the fact that their streams are made on fake money. Sure, they deny the fact, but they cannot prove their right in the absence of real evidence of three-valued IQ and sufficient level of testosterone.

As most of you have noticed, twitch (and youtube) casino games streaming have become incredibly popular in recent months. More and more streamers pop-up on twitch and youtube every day, broadcasting various casino games, mostly slots though. In this way, streamers like Casinodaddy hope to promote websites they are playing at and drive some traffic there from twich and youtube, subsequently generating themselves some income as viewers register at those casinos through their partnership links. This is the main idea behind casino games streaming.


CasinoDaddy – it’s a family-based industry for tricking naive spectators ready to use their referral links, simultaneously bleeding from their ears due to their terrible accent. Actually, it’s pretty funny to listen to three blondes, whose speech is similar to those with constipation and hemorrhoids at the same time.
In total they’ve given birth to whooping three grand:

  1. Erik
  2. Anton
  3. Mathias

Let’s leave the technicalities aside, we don’t care who is who there, this is only a detail. Three absolutely identical crooks, who are ready to forget for their own benefit what honesty and real kick mean and even about testis. Although, from the look of them they didn’t get testis at conception.

Why Casinodaddy show themselves while gambling online?

Although maybe most streamers started streaming for fun, most online casino streamers are doing it in order to earn money. But how does this work? Well, most online casino streamers have a few favourite online casino where they play. They promote these casinos while streaming by offering custom bonuses, bonus codes and welcome packages. Once a follower starts playing using the bonus code or link of the streamer they will get paid.

Online casino streamers are basically affiliates who try to bring in new business for the casino. And since the online gambling industry is so competitive, the streamers can make a lot of money. Some online casinos offer thousands of euro’s (flat fee) simply to tie Casinodaddy to their brand. On top of this they pay €200,- easily for every new customer a streamers brings in. In some cases streamers even get a certain percentage of the money ‘’their’’ players lose.


  • All their streams run for the money, charged by one or another casino right to the balance. On rare occasions, they charge them money to e-wallets, so that casinodaddy could make a deposit publicly, covering their ass.
  • Everything related to their streams is nothing but trickery. Fake emotions, false winnings, fake lotteries. Any player with the experience will easily distinguish fake winner emotions from the real ones.
  • On their website, which they promote so assiduously, there are
    a lot of casinos that do not pay people money.
casinodaddy fake money

I am sure – Casinodaddy are playing with fake money

One other popular opinion about Casinodaddy streamers is that they use fake money. In my opinion this is true, and if you read this article – in your opinion too. You can play almost all online casino games for real, or using fake chips. Because of this a streamers could easily use fake chips or use a fake balance which is granted by the casino but which they can never cash out.

One very popular online casino streamers which is accused of playing with fake money is Roshtein, but there are plenty of others. The most important reasons why online casino streamers are accused of playing with fake are the following;

  1. They play with insanely high bets. Some of the spin with €50,- or €100,- per spin for hours. This is very dangerous, very expensive and is not ‘’responsible’’ at all! We at encourage you to play with reasonable bets, these bets are simply madness.
  2. The online casino streamer wins a very high amount of money, but they don’t responds that happy. This might be an indicator that the streamer is playing with fake money.
  3. They never prove that they are actually deposing real money, and cashing out real money. This is also very suspicious.


We don’t think I have to mention once again that you don’t always need to believe your ears or your eyes when playing on their referral links. You let the crooks prosper. Also, you should remember that a good affiliate is someone who will take sides with players in any conflicts between a player and a casino, the one who will help in every way and put pressure on the casino in controversial situations .. But our three sisters are not that … They go on moving forward their pseudo-creatures several times a day – just like they go to work.

P.S. – Read about 1 more crook – Roshtein.

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  1. You need to update this. How to tell they are fake?. Just look at them trying to prove they use real money by showing deposits/withdrawals. They will do it via skrill or such. They NEVER show ANY deposits going to and from bank accounts. This alone to me says they send the money back to the casino. I mean come on, a slot streamer winning up to 1 million euros and the casino is going to pay it? I don’t think so. Just look at fruity slots who are very open about how they make money and spin at realistic stakes and are also popular. They are fighting to get a 40k win paid out. Yet Casinodaddy apparently have 100s of thousands paid no problem. People are so naive to believe casinodaddy play with real money. I mean all those suckers depositing using their links, no wonder they laugh. Look back when they started, they were spinning at 1 euro etc and now 400 euro spins regularly getting done. Their reactions when they started out were like anybody winning. Now they win 10k and it is like winning 2 euro on a 1 euro spin. They think showing deposits going in and out of a casino proves anything?. It proves nothing. Interesting how they have actual providers both in chat and live on stream. We all know a win comes to a casino ID. You telling me nothing can be ummm given using this id by the provider. I have stated all facts here, it is up to casinodaddy to prove everybody wrong. Problem is, they cannot

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