Diamond Casino Tips – GTA Online

Diamond Casino Tips – GTA Online

Who doesn’t know GTA? In 1997 the first Grand Theft Auto game by Rockstar Games was created, which took computers and consoles by storm. Over the years, new, optimized and action-packed versions of the action adventure have been released up to the title GTA 5.

Rockstar is still making game history on the 7th generation consoles seven years after the launch of GTA V in 2013. After three new releases, an online mod, and $ 6 billion later, GTA, as the financially most successful entertainment or art, breaks a world record product in history.

But that’s just the beginning, because Rockstar has now introduced its new specialty – a fully interactive virtual casino! Who needs Las Venturas when Diamonds Casino and Resorts is now open in Los Santos? How to keep your bags and earn real money in Los Santos’ finest furnishings.

GTA Online Diamond Casino is an in-game casino where you can play blackjack, roulette, slots, 3 card poker, horse racing and even spin a wheel of fortune once a day. The wheel of fortune makes it possible to win exclusive vehicles if they land on the right field.

Tips for casino games at GTA Online Diamond Casino

However, many questions are now, how do you play 3 card poker, roulette or blackjack correctly and are there any tips and strategies to avoid losing all your GTA 5 online money? We have put together the most important and simplest tips about casino games at the GTA Online Diamond Casino to give you an easy start.

General tips for the GTA Online Diamond Casino

  • Don’t forget to spin the wheel every day for extra GTA 5 online money – and of course for the exclusive car!
  • Always play at tables with high limits as long as you have the credit to do so.
  • In terms of profit, the best games are slots and blackjack. Blackjack – the strategy-based game – requires more thought and strategy.

Blackjack tips

GTA 5 Blackjack tips
  • Give the dealer a chance to overbought: If the dealer’s up card is low, it is riskier for the player to get close to 21. Leave the risk to the dealer. In such situations, your chances are much better.
  • Always divide AA and 88, but never divide TT and 66: with millions of simulated hands, blackjack chances of winning are literally set in stone. So we know exactly which starting positions are advantageous for the player.
  • Stop at 17: Even if the dealer’s open hand is a 10, it is not guaranteed that he will win. The chances are better for you if you let the dealer take a bust yourself.
  • Do not accept insurance: dealer always offers insurance when his open hand is an ace. Do not accept them, the chances are not in your favor even in the new GTA Online Update!
  • Always choose the left seat: The dealer always divides the cards from right to left (from the player’s perspective). If you sit further to the left, you have a small advantage. You can watch the cards last issued and better prepare your own move. For example, if the last 4 cards were low, the chances are high that the next card will be 10 or more.

The best online blackjack casinos

American roulette tips

GTA 5 American roulette tips
  • Place small bets: Don’t bet everything on a single number, the odds are very slim and your money will disappear in no time.
  • Don’t bet too high on black / red either: since this is a popular and easy to understand bet, players believe in easy wins with higher odds. But you are just as likely to lose a lot in a round.
  • Always expect defeat: whoever believes to win every round will get disappointed and discouraged by the minute. So don’t expect to win; With a house edge of 5.3%, it’s always better to lower your expectations and instead feel comfortable when you win.
  • Try the James Bond strategy: bet one chip on 0 and on 00, 5 chips on the double street bet 13–18 and finally 15 chips on the second dozen 19-36. These bets cover most of the table and therefore have a higher chance of winning.
  • Try the Kavouras strategy: 1 unit on corner bet 0–3; then 2 units on Double Street bet 31-36; then 1 unit each on split bets 8/11, 13/14, 15/18, 17/20, 27/30. While this strategy is more difficult to use, these bets cover half of the roulette wheel and allow you to get higher GTA 5 online money winnings (if like comparing it with lighter black / red bets).
  • Try the shotgun bet: spread the split bets or corner bets across the field. If you make small bets, you won’t lose much, but a win earns you a nice penny.
  • Alternative variant: Try to place the bets in a small area, for example around the number 5 with the following fields: single numbers 1 to 9, split bets (2/5, 5/6, 5/8, 4/5, etc .) and corner betting (1-5, 2-6, 4-8, 5-9).

The best online roulette casinos

Slots tips

GTA 5 casino slots
  • Have the right attitude: Play with the idea that you may be lucky and will win a high winning combination. Slots are, not only in casinos, but also in the GTA Online Diamond Casino, like the lottery – you rarely win, but you could just as easily make a big profit.
  • Not all slots in the casino are the same: become familiar with the combinations and payout values. This way you will find the right slot that suits your taste and budget.
  • Play “Deity of the Sun” and “Diamond Mirror” for the highest winnings: if you have enough coins, these two slots are the ones you have to play. If there is a shortage of money, they are not recommended, but rather slots with lower stakes.
  • Always play the maximum bet and leave the machine as soon as you make a big win: in the long run you will always lose GTA 5 online money, but if you hit a good combination of symbols you can get a nice win; and at that very moment you should stop.
  • Slots are simple and fast: slots require at least the time to play a round from all casino games.

The best online slots casinos

3 card poker tips

GtA5 3 card poker diamond casino
  • 3 Card Poker is a great strategy game: Lowering the house edge in the GTA Online Diamond Casino is quickly possible with the right strategy.
  • Quick strategy tip: follow the D-6-4 rule; everything under checkers-six-four is discarded.
  • The Pair Plus bet: If you want to play it, it should always be adapted to the ante bet. This gives you the best long-term chances of winning.
  • Always play at the tables with the highest limit: this enables the best possible winnings if your budget allows it.

From GTA to the real casino

Instead of GTA, you can use the chance to implement your knowledge in a real online casino. We have put together some good instructions for this; from bonus promotions to the most common payment methods! Find out more about online casinos here.

Whether you want to take these tips with you to the GTA Online Diamond Casino or even try them out in a real online casino, they should offer you a good overview of the corresponding casino games.

You can find more strategies and even free game variants on Casinova.org

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